Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fun With The Color Pink!

In honor of my latest giveaway, which features a pink athletic top and also because it's the only color category I am currently boarding on Pinterest, I wanted to see what came up when I explore the color pink in the fashion world.  I'm not talking about walking around the city with 'Pink' plastered on my butt, that's so 2010.  (HeeHee!)  And of course, we really need to get away from the fact that Paris Hilton practically ruined wearing pink because she wore it so much for the last 10 years!

I think that splashes of pink are beautiful and I apparently am all for it.  My 'Pink' Board on Pinterest, like most of my other boards, was not planned. It was a subconscious affinity for the color that I never would have thought I had partiality to, were it not for that social media phenomenon.  So YES for self-discovery, be it on Pinterest or anywhere else for that matter! 

 I've definitely got to give this shopping lady some credit for wearing the most pink at one time.  She is obviously trying really hard, and I give a thumbs up to anyone who tries!  You go, Granny!

Pink Credits:
Binka Live Love Tank $55.00                                                                                                         
Pink Skinnies Rag & Bone, $187.00
Pink Bandage Dress, Guess, $89.00
Shaun Leane Cherry Blossom Studs, $200.00
Peep-Toe Pumps,, $43.00
 Tony Burch, Pink Sandals, $157.50
Bamboo Lace Robe, Pink, $86.00
Blake Lively in Michael Kors


Tasha said...

I love pink! Not sure about the granny's panties hanging out though :O LOL

Jennifer said...

Pink is a lot of fun! Flirty and feminine!

Dianna said...

I love pink-- but that photo of granny well that is a bit much--shes got guts---more than I have--But I have to admit I have my moments of being to pink--Lol I have one shirt--that is so vibrant it almost gives you a headache so I wear it when I know I have to go shopping with my husband(hate that) just so he can find me--kind of mean--but it works

Jessica Schank Snow said...

Pink is such a nice pretty feminine color. =)

clenna said...

I love pink but that picture will make me check my outfits from the back as well as the front!

clenna at aol dot com

Tonya T said...

Maybe we can find her a rockin' pink belt to hold up the pink pants.

latanya t said...

I like the color pink. It is a nice soft color.

Rose-Marie said...

this post caught my eye b/c I luv pink! I esp like the Tory Burch sandals. That photo shows u need to be careful w/pink if you are over 12!!

Unknown said...

I love pink for spring and summer. Thank you for sharing this