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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A $50 eGiftCard #Giveaway to The Magic Zoo #Jewelry + 10% Discount Code!

 Thank you for joining A GAL NEEDS...for this great giveaway! One lucky reader will receive a $50 eGiftCard to purchase any item from The Magic Zoo!  Read about our awesome sponsor below and enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post!  Good luck!

We all have special people in our lives, as well as special animals.  The Magic Zoo creates fine jewelry for you to wear, honoring those special and beautiful animals!  Wear the animal or pet that you love in a beautiful animal pendant of sterling silver or 14K gold. Every one of the designs is available in gold or sterling silver. Some select designs are also available in ceramic and lead-free pewter.  Capture the warmth of the human-animal bond with an animal pendant representing your furry, feathered or scaled companion. Add a high-quality chain of either silver or gold and your pet necklace is ready to wear as soon as it arrives. Feel connected to your pet wherever you are.  Below are just a few of the animals immortalized into wearable art!  But there are so many more, check it out!  Also, read Helena's full review here!   Use the special discount code below, giving 10% off any purchase at check-out! AGALNEEDS10 (Valid through July 29th only)

Sterling Silver Bassett Hound

Enamel Guinea Pig

Enamel and Pewter Parrot

14k Gold Earrings
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Friday, July 11, 2014

A Lasting Tribute To A Beloved Pet! Magic Zoo Jewelry

Some of you know I have a Border Collie named Evee!  She is quite like my child and definitely part of the family.  She likes to play tug-of-war, fetch, catch, and go on long walks, both on and off leash.  She is an amazing Frisbee catcher and loves to show off her skills.  She loves to hear the oohs and ahhhhs when she leaps off of the ground and catches the Frisbee mid-air.   She is a bit finicky and doesn’t like to share very much with other dogs or with children.  Each of my three youngest nephews has had a little run-in with her because they have gotten into her space a little too quickly.  She requests, no she demands, respect from those who interact with her, especially those she feels dominant towards.  And by respect, I mean to not get too touchy-feelie too quickly, especially around her nose and face, don’t take her toys from her unless you have that confidence that she wants you to, don’t tease her with food and don’t play with her food dish while she is eating.  To her pack she is a protector, a nurturer, a companion and a child.  She knows I’m momma. 
When I heard there is a company called The Magic Zoo that is passionate about creating pieces of quality jewelry that depict animals, I was very intrigued.  I love all kinds of animals and I feel kinship with many of them and felt that I would love many different kinds of animals in a piece of jewelry.  But what did I do first when I visited the website?  I looked to see if there might be a border collie piece.  Why?  Because I love my dog!  And yes, there was a sterling silver border collie pendant, which I ordered.  

When I received the piece, I was impressed because the artist captured the Border Collie at rest.  The ears flopping down, the content smile on the face with the tongue slightly out, and the stripe down the nose.   I loved it!  Don’t have a border collie?  No worries, there are 46 different dog breeds depicted on the site.  Also, I heard through the grapevine that the artist, Merry Rosenfield, loves to work with her customers to make the perfect piece.  She is very accessible.   I actually had a question about her most popular animal pieces and she personally responded, telling me that the guinea pig pieces are super popular.  People must really love their guineas!  It makes me want to have a guinea pig as a pet...  The most popular dog order is the Yorkie puppy, another really sweet and popular pet!
But there are so many more animals depicted with jewelry at The Magic Zoo!  There are farm animals, pocket pets, sea animals, butterflies, cats, reptiles, and insects.  The materials used are sterling silver, enamel, pewter, gold, and bronze.  There is a metal for everyone and a price for everyone. 
About the Artist:  Merry Rosenfield has been fascinated with animals since her childhood and now has meshed her art talent with her love of animals.  She has animals represented from all around the world.  She states, “My dream day would include creating new animal designs from early morning until I couldn’t keep my eyes open at night.”  You want someone who is that passionate about their work doing work for you! 
If you love animals, and want to express that with the very fashion you wear, you can count on Magic Zoo to help you make the statement beautifully.  Animals are beautiful--why not make them a part of what makes you unique?  Make a lasting tribute to your favorite animal with a unique piece of jewelry!  If you had just one choice, what animal would you want to pay tribute to? 

Disclaimer:  I received product for the purpose of review.  All thoughts and experiences are mine!