Friday, February 5, 2021

Book Review: Surge On Like A River


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Surge On Like a River

About The Book

Surge On Like a River is the English translation of the Tamil book titled ‘Nee Nadhi Pola Odikondiru’, originally written by Bharathy Bhaskar, a Chemical Engineer and an MBA, who is a banker by profession. She is also a popular columnist and speaker, and a household name in Tamil homes, thanks to the debates and shows she has spoken in.

The essays are written in a simple, engaging style, and filled with profound insights. These nuggets of wisdom primarily draw from the author’s life experiences and her empathetic observations of the people and situations around her.

This English translation by V. Shyamala captures the lively nature of the original, bringing it to a wider audience with the idea that the readers who do not know Tamil should not miss out on the wonderful collection.

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Book Review
Surge On Like A River is a series of essays from the popular orator and anchor of a daily talk show, Bharathy Bhaskar. The translation was generally very well done, maybe a bit ambiguous in some parts, especially since the culture in India is very different from America. But the wisdom, wit and humor from Ms. Bhaskar is spot on. In fact, she reminds me a bit of Nora Ephron when she wrote, I Feel Bad About My Neck. It was a great read in order to get a feel for the differences in cultures and appreciate the women there. It was great to see that in many ways, though different, our cultures are concerned about the same things! I loved the thoughts about mother/daughter relationships. There are some real gems of advice for that. There are some great observations about the seemingly never-ending quest for beauty among women. In fact, it seems that women in India are just about the same in that regard and Ms. Bhaskar reminds us that beauty can be found in so many different versions of what makes a woman who she is. She addresses the plight of the elderly in India, women in higher education, how to use spare time, love, and so much more. I went away feeling like I could identify with and learn so much from women in India, especially through Bharathy Bhaskar's well-trained and very keen vision! It was a nice change from the historical fiction that usually takes up my reading time!

About the Author

Bharathi Baskar is a Tamil Orator who is popular for her humorous debate talk shows called, telecasted on Sun TV. She is also an anchor for the daily talk show called Vaanga Peasalam at 7.15 a.m from Monday to Wednesday on Sun TV. Bharathi Baskar is also a Senior Vice President at Citi Bank, Chenna

About the Translator

V.Shyamala is a cost accountant, a homemaker, and a writer. She loves to weave stories and is on a continuous quest to seek new and creative ways to teach children. When not writing, reading, or thinking up stories, Shyamala mentors CIMA students, strives to workout, loves tweaking South Indian heritage recipes, and translates Tamil words to English. She is also a member of AWIC (Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children) and volunteers at a local library twice a week.

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jjmon2012 said...

This sounds like a book that will catch you right the start or a book that has a slow star but finally the magic happens and you hooked on the book

A GAL NEEDS... said...

@jjmon2012 - It did start a bit slow, but I ended up being quite fascinated with the culture and wisdom.