Monday, September 24, 2018

#Utah Kids' Club Ultimate Halloween Packages

I'm passing this info along to my Utah readers! I'm always appreciative of organizations that compile huge discounts to many different fun places and offer them for one low price! So much food & fun packed into one reasonable price!
This post is in partnership with Utah Kids Club
The Utah Kids Club has been going strong for over 10 years now. For the past 3 years they have offered families a Halloween Package that is such a great discount that it has completely sold out! This year will be no different, as they are offering this Ultimate Halloween Package to be used for a full 30 days to any one of the venues named here, and much more! They have only 2000 of these and once they are gone, they're gone!

·         1 FREE Ticket to Castle of Chaos, Haunted House! ($25.00 value)
·         1 FREE Ticket to Fear Factory Vip Ticket ($35.00 Value)
·         1 FREE Ticket to Dead City Haunted House (Utah's Newest Haunt $25.00)
·         1 FREE Ticket to SLC and Ogden Ghost Tours ($20.00)
·         1 FREE Ticket to Fall Harvest at Cross E Ranch ($11.95 value)
·         1 FREE Ticket to Tracy Aviary ($11.95)
·         1 FREE Ticket for Clas Ropes Halloween River Cruise ($8.00 value)
·         1 FREE Ticket to Bricks and Minifigs Halloween Trick-0-Treat Derby ($5.00)
·         1 FREE Ticket Ticket to Little Haunts at This is the Place, Heritage Park (12.95)
·         1 FREE Ticket to Obstacle Warrior Kids ($12.00)
·         1 FREE Ticket to Dartside ($10.00)
·         1 FREE Ticket to Pinners ($8.00)

PLUS Major Halloween Discounts with your Utah Kids Club Membership card:

·         $13.00 Off Frightmares at Lagoon
·         30% Pumpkin Nights
·         50% Off Ogden Dinosaur Park, Carnivore Carnival
·         40% Off tickets to Grimm Ghost Tours!
·         40% Off Hidden Chambers, Escape Rooms
·         40% Off Castle Of Chaos Murder Mystery
·         40% Off Castle of Chaos Escape Rooms
·         40% Off Escape Key, Escape Rooms
·         50% Off Haunted Train Shoppe
·         55% Off Trick-0-Tre
·         $3.00 Off Each Cornbelly's Ticket
·         $2.00 Off Hee Haw Farms
·         $2.00 Off Each Little Haunts Ticket
·         $5.00 Off Each Sleepy Hollow Ticket
·         $2.00 Off Each Provo Corn Maze

AND Even More Halloween Discounts

Click here to register and save $10.00! Oh, and Happy Halloween!


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