Saturday, May 27, 2017

Have A Goal, Make A Plan + #MyPostMonday The Week's Best Original Content

There have been so many things I want and have wanted to do in my life! The problem is that I haven't had the time, motivation or drive to see most of those desires through to completion. For instance:
  • I love to dance. I was fairly good at it at one point. I was on a dance team in high school, I learned how to do Middle Eastern Dance 12 years ago and performed a few times. My husband and I met at a dance. I would have liked to have become a professional dancer. I'm not a professional dancer. I don't dance very often at all anymore.
  • I play the violin. I was able to play in a University Orchestra. I played in the Nutcracker. I have performed on stage. I would have liked to play in a professional orchestra. I don't play in a professional orchestra and I rarely play anymore.
  • I like to write. I sometimes write on a blog. I used to be a very regular journal writer. I would like to write a book. As of yet, I have no plans as to what I would like that book to be about.
  • I love the art of cross-stitching. I learned how to cross-stitch on my own. I made several beautiful cross-stitch wall hangings. My life circumstances changed and I've never done cross-stitching again. I would love to pick it up again and do some more stitchery at some point. It's the same story with knitting and sewing!
  • I admire beautiful home furnishings, both purchased new and re-purposed. I would love to try my hand at being an interior decorator, at least for my own home. But, my home is a morass of mismatched, out-dated, yet comfortable pieces, shoved into the most convenient location and left there, most likely until we move or die!
And so it goes, with so many different things! But here is the dilemma. If I were to follow through and make actual plans and steps in order to achieve each one of these ambitions, I would most likely neglect some of the other things in my life that I deem more important. Things like stopping to enjoy the little moments that bring such pleasure to life, spending time with my family, friends, my pet, and planting flowers in the spring! Practicing my faith, doing favors and good deeds, watching my favorite shows and playing my favorite games! 

Granted, maybe it would be worth it to cease and desist my newly discovered and most favorite of games, Design Home, and actually work to design my own home rather than gain points for designing someone else's home! But then again, I do feel like I'm learning along the way! (Totally addicting, that game!)
Despite what people say, I don't believe that you can have it all! But I believe you can get exactly what you want!  I encourage you to figure out what it is that you really want more than anything else in this life, and then just go for it! Get the vision, make the plan, and do it! And don't change your mind mid-journey! Make sure that you can envision yourself  spending all kinds of time and effort to attain it, and then getting it! Be prepared to leave some other things behind on the way!
I know I have left some good things behind in my life, but I feel like I have chosen other things that are better, and that is what I am grateful to live with at this time! 
 I wish you a successful and happy journey in your quest to get just exactly what you want! What are some things that you have left behind in your life's journey? What are things that you have achieved because of making a plan?

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