Monday, July 11, 2016

Watching The Olympic Trials + #MyPostMonday Link-

The Olympic Trials ended yesterday and it has been so much fun watching them~~So many exciting moments and some heartbreaks. I loved watching the track athletes the most, just because of the sheer discipline they have! My heart goes out to Allyson Felix because of her foot injury that has been plaguing her this whole time. She didn't make the 200m cuts to defend her title at Rio, but she will be there for the 400m. Hopefully her foot gets better!  And what about Justin Gatlin, age 34, getting to make yet another trip to Rio to represent the U.S. in the 100m and the 200m! He is the oldest sprinter to make an American Olympic Team!

I felt so bad seeing Galen Rupp, the 10k champ watch his dream of being a 10K medal winner fall by the wayside. He pulled out ahead and was the sole leader for a time, his wife was so hopeful and happy as she was being interviewed while he did this. The camera panned to her once again, as he came in 5th, but this time she was sobbing. In my eyes, still a hero!

No matter what event it is, what strikes me is that I am watching perfection! To see these individuals train their bodies to do such amazing feats is fascinating and I can't stop staring! 

There must have been some days where they just didn't want to go out and train. But train they did and no matter where they fell on the finish line, they are the best we have and they should feel our pride in them and admiration for what they have accomplished!

One thing I realize, I need to take their examples and keep going in my own pursuits, no matter what I feel like! So thank you Olympians, you inspire me!

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