Monday, February 29, 2016

Do Your Own Growing + #MyPostMonday Link-Up

I love the whimsical holiday of St. Patrick's Day, the national Irish fest where Americans of all nationalities use it as a reason to party, make merry in the streets, and have a drink and a song together. 

The Irish came into America as poor immigrants, wanting to make better lives for themselves and willing to do back breaking labor to do so. They were treated very badly, but rose to the occasion and overcame prejudice, malnourishment, and segregation. They helped build New York City, the railroads, worked in the coal mines, the power plants, and the automobile factories. 

And with their hard work, they brought their Catholic religion, their love of beer, their love of freedom of expression, and the Irish potato. I am definitely part of this American culture, even though I have no Irish blood that I know of. 

....just like I'm part of every culture that has come to America, struggled to gain their place and contributed hard work to build the country, as well as rich culture. It must be like that with every new culture that comes. It is their way of initiation, their way of making a statement that they are determined to blend into this country as citizens. If it weren't like this, our country would cease to assimilate immigrants and would begin to spew them because it can't support those who can't or won't contribute. There is only so much resource to go around before the system crumbles.

I feel a little sad for newcomers who are coming into the country now. They aren't given the chance to prove who they are. They are given a benefit package and told to go use it. That's not ever how it was, and I feel it is actually a disservice to them. They will never be able to prove what they are made of. They will never have it said of them that they overcame great obstacle in order to assimilate into this land, THEIR land. Will they ever become loyal to the America we know? It is said that you only love what you sacrifice for. If there is no sacrifice, can there be love? 

Maybe this is a different era, maybe the newcomers will contribute in ways that I don't yet understand. Just maybe. But right now, I'm remembering how it used to be, how the Irish came, endured, worked, and conquered. And they say with surety, 'This Is My Country!' 

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