Monday, January 11, 2016

The Hard Work--No Worry Approach + #MyPostMonday Link-Up

My grandmother was a self-ascribed worrier. When situations arose, it was she who was always fretting in the background about the possible negative outcomes that would arise. It was as if that was her contribution to the problem, devoting huge amounts of energy to worry. Love her heart, I know she felt helpless and she just couldn't let herself enjoy other things, because she was too worried. Apparently she wasn't aware of the positive thinking studies that exploded onto the scene in the early 2000's, especially with the book, The Secret
 According to the book, If I am, apparently, to enjoy life at its fullest, I am not to let my setbacks turn into worries and constantly think about them. Instead I am to spend time visualizing the most wildly positive outcome I can imagine and then the universe will materialize it for me, from the power of my conscious thought. I do like that idea!
In addition, I say, just do the best you can each day, make the things you do align with your value system as much as possible, but then let it go. 
Thinking about it that way is actually very freeing. No, I may not finish the job I wanted to do, on point and on time, but I know that I'm doing the best I can. If I'm secure in that knowledge, it's time to let it go and leave it until I can work on it some more or I decide that it is all I can do.
Allowing situations to overwhelm us can turn pressing situations into problems. Why? Because now we are letting that situation to take over a larger percentage of our life than it should. "The problem is not the problem; the problem is thinking you have a problem and allowing it to overwhelm you and spur you into overthinking." --Lolly Daskal
 Some may consider this type of approach as being "apathetic", but I believe it's a way of protecting your mental and even physical health, so you have the ability to give all you have to the ever-arising pressing situation. Don't worry, there are always plenty of situations to deal with in the moment that need all your energy. Don't waste it by worrying about things you can do nothing about!
Image by Krieg Rasmussen
 Now, on the other hand, you do need balance. I know someone who wouldn't worry if he was going to lose his clothing, home, family, and everything else tomorrow. It's all c'est la vie, baby! And he doesn't do much to avoid the consequences. Funny thing, however, he has always made it through and the one thing about him...he enjoys his leisure moments. He has chosen to make worry a very low priority in his life, no matter how little he accomplishes. 
I personally prefer the philosophy of working hard, doing the best you can and then letting it go! If you take the "hard work--no worry" approach, you can accomplish a lot, cut down on stress and have energy to devote to the unforeseen "situations" in life! 

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