Friday, January 1, 2016

A Look Back And A Look Forward To 2016

Today has been so much fun! When I first started dabbling into review and giveaway blogging, it was 2010. I know, right? Ancient times! I didn't even know what I was doing, I took something I thought was crazy fun, and just started going!

I went back into time on the blog, intending to do some housekeeping and de-cluttering of the blog. I ended up deleting over 120 posts, but I still kept a lot! It was fun looking at all of the things that have changed since then. Back then, I not only hosted giveaways, I entered them--a lot of them. I posted about them and when I won, I was happy to let everyone know! I saved one of those posts because it shows just how much things have changed since then, including me!
I am happy to say that both the company that sponsored that giveaway, Stuck On You, and the blog, MNM Special, that hosted it are both still very much active and in business! I can't say that about everyone, however. Some of the companies that I worked with and thought would surely be around for years have since gone out of business. Some of the biggest bloggers in 2010, that I thought would be around forever and only continue to get bigger, are gone too. One of them actually committed suicide not long after I started. I almost quit after having learned that. But I pressed on and did my thing, learning and growing as I went! I'm someone who, if I find something that works, I'll stick with it. I haven't changed formats since 2010! When everyone else was heading to WordPress, I stayed on Blogger, and I've become real cozy with it. I'm still not sure if that was a mistake or not. 

2015 was a great year! I made a goal to have more original content and 20% more giveaways than in 2014. And on both those counts we made it! I actually did more original content than projected, with the advent of Motivating Monday, a round-up of the best original, non-sponsored posts that I find on the internet. 

2016 is looking great, too! I have some awesome things planned, with more original content, more giveaways, reviews and a new monthly DIY craft installment! Of course my love of fashion, food, and fun will always have to be a part of the mix as well! Stick with me and come along for the ride!  

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