Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#UpliftFamiles Re-Cap, Website, and Resources

Last Saturday night, we attended the Uplift Families Event, and it was awesome!
 We started out by having an excellent meal. It was outdoors and the weather was perfect (maybe just a bit windy)! I loved the cute and easy centerpieces that were on the tables!
 The speakers were varied and entertaining. There were 6 wonderful speakers in all, including Utah's First Lady Jeanette Herbert. My personal favorite speaker was Brad Barton, who motivated me with his encouragement to do something amazing, despite difficulties, which he emulates perfectly, being the current Master's Track and Field Record Holder! Basically his premise was, "The problem is not having problems!"
The entertainment was excellent! I love Joshua Creek's sound!
I came away with an evening to remember and something valuable to refer back to---an amazing, on-going resource site to turn the job of parenting into the joy of parenting! UpliftFamilies.org is full of T.I.P.S. (Teaching Important Parenting Skills). On the site you can hear speakers from previous Uplift Families Conference's, plus the current ones will soon be there as well. 
Again, I so much enjoyed this year's event. It was so well-done and despite being sold out, had the feel of a small, friendly, get-together! The speakers were excellent, the food delicious, entertainment wonderful! Thanks again to all those involved to make it the great event it was! 
If you are experiencing a current low with some aspect of parenting, being a parent, or maintaining your sanity while being a parent, I would encourage you to check out the above site and I promise you'll find something to uplift you!

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