Saturday, July 12, 2014

Swiss Chard and #Bacon With Parmesan

  If you haven't cooked with Swiss Chard, I suggest you do it this summer!  It's delicious! 
 I'm embarrassed to say I had never cooked Swiss Chard before a couple of years ago, but after I did, there was no turning back.  The leafs are very thick and don't look like they would be very good raw, like in a salad.

 First, I cut up an onion, 2 carrots and some garlic.  I sauteed these in some bacon drippings until they were tender. (I love bacon drippings.  I'm like my grandmother, I save it every time we cook bacon!)

I then added some chicken broth and put in the finely chopped red stalks of the chard.  I cooked these until they were tender and lastly, added the leaves and cooked them until they wilted!  I added some crumbled bacon, lemon juice and topped it with Parmesan Cheese.

The result was amazing!  I felt like a chef indeed!  I absolutely love the subtle zingy taste of the chard.  It is a great addition to any meal!

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