Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Place To Hang Your Wet Dish Rag

I don't often claim to have wonderful tips on how to keep your house clean and organized.  And the one I am sharing today isn't my own.  My mother-in-law has been doing this for awhile and so I copied her.  

Do you hang your dishrags over the kitchen faucet?  That is where I hung mine for so long.   A lot of times it would end up in the sink soaking up water from other activities.  Sometimes, I hate to admit, people would brush their teeth in the sink (an absolute no-no in my book, not sayin' that anyone listens) and get the mess from that soaked into the dishrag because it had fallen off the faucet.  Of course, I wouldn't realize that was what had happened and I'd pick up the dishrag  (Ewww...gross!) and put it back over the faucet.  So many nasty germs from that!  I shudder just to think about it!

 So here's an idea that I love! Find an inexpensive metal paper towel dispenser (we got ours from Shopko) and hang your dishrag over it.  It will be out of the way, yet convenient by the sink, have better air circulation, dry much faster and not accidentally fall into the sink to soak up disgusting stuff!  
There you have it, my household tip of the year! 
Please let me know if you have a household tip that has saved you time, trouble or money!   

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