Thursday, May 31, 2012

Keranique Hair Thickening Treatments! #Review

 I have always had thick hair and it has been, at the same time, a blessing and a curse.  I am also quite lazy when it comes to fixing my hair, preferring to let it grow long and just run a brush through it before I go somewhere.  I would much rather fool with make-up than hair.  Out of necessity, though, I have been forced to do more with it recently and just bought 2 brushes to help me blow dry it better, along with all the hair products to help control the wildness of it.  Also, since I have gotten older, my unwelcome grays have made my hair more coarse, dry and curly/frizzy.  Then on top of that, I now have some thinning hair, even though I still technically have "thick" hair.  It's just that in some places, my scalp shows where it parts way too easily.   I just thought you might need the background of my hair so you can see what my experience with Keranique has been.
I thought that I might not notice any difference with these products because it is for "thinning" hair and I technically have thick hair.  But I was wrong!  I enjoyed some real benefits.  Although I can't say that my hair has become thicker because I've only used it awhile, I can say that it is softer, more manageable and the texture is better.  It also stays put and doesn't part so much in places that it shouldn't.   I loved the light peppermint smell which goes perfectly with the bath and body products I have been reviewing (see my Aromafloria Review).  

Keranique Volumizing Shampoo - "Thinning, fine hair needs a special shampoo.  Hair that is thin, fine and weak has low resistance to harsh cleansers, but unless properly cleansed well, scalp oils, weigh thin hair down and make lasting volume a challenge". -Keranique   This shampoo seems to cleanse the hair without stripping it of moisture!
 Keranique Volumizing Conditioner - Designed specifically to help thicken and volumize thin, fine hair-without weighing the hair down like traditional heavy conditioners, it conditions as it adds volume, fulness and thickness. And, unlike other conditioners, it contains a keratin enriched formula to coat the hair.
 Fortifying Mousse - This product provides thermal protection from curling irons/ blow dryers and creates a smooth after feel.  It is scientifically blended to maintain body without adding stiffness and is a great detangler that helps restore the hair's optimum moisture balance for less breakage when brushing. 
Just what is Keratin?  Keratin is the substance which the hair (as well as the nails) are made of. Frequently abusing hair with styling and heating and chemical applications causes it to lose keratin’s quality. The hair shaft becomes spliced and uneven, and gains a dull, unmanageable appearance. Fortunately, scientists have devised a way to extract keratin from other sources, like animal wool, and turn it into a mixture that acts like liquid hair. Applying this product to human hair returns the keratin to the hair shaft’s cortex and fills it up, turning it soft and shiny again. It can even make frizzy or curly hair so much easier to straighten. The additional keratin coating can also make the hair more resistant from elements like the sun, wind, or extreme changes in temperature.

Keranique has harnessed this substance and their products contain the only FDA-approved keratin ingredient for thinning hair!

Although I haven't tried the product for much more than a couple week, I am very optimistic about the outcome of my hair based on the preliminary results!  You can buy this product at various beauty websites, including at Keranique.  Currently, Keranique is having a giveaway on their Facebook page for a 4-piece set valued at $159.90! 

Disclaimer:  I was provided with the above 3 products to review.  All opinions are my own!  Your opinion may vary. 


engineergirl said...

I hope you update this post when you're done with the products because I would love to see the results! :)

A GAL NEEDS... said...

That's a thought and I will try to do that! Thanks for the suggestion!

MiniMeeh said...

Gosh would love to try this. But my experience with Keratin products is that it adds weight to my hair. Hope this works because it actually grows hair and not just add layers for volume