Friday, December 30, 2011

How Much Should I Pay For Pants?

The holidays have taken a toll on my hips and thighs and so I went a-browsing to see what I might find in the way of some new pants. I happened to remember a really trendy site, which I remembered had lots of options for the above-mentioned.  I love looking at clothes! I'm not much different from the majority of the female sex when it comes to that.  A few years ago, when I was even more on a budget than I am now, I had a Singer sewing machine and I became obsessed with going to WalMart and looking at all the Simplicity, Butterick, McCalls, Vogue and other sewing patterns in the craft section.  I would then pick out the patterns and material that I thought were so cute and sew my own clothing and even make clothing for my son.  I rationalized that I was saving money.  I was actually paying about the same price as I would if I were just buying my clothes from WalMart.  But I had a little bit of the designer going on in me and it satisfied the OCD/ADD in me which needed to obsess on something.  I wish I saved some of my creations because there were some real doozies!  And I wore them with pride because I had created them.  Anyway, back to the site that I was visiting.  I won't name any names because I'm not out to hate on any sites or for that matter, promote any.  But seriously, would you pay this much for a pair of bloomers? And I don't fault you if you would, 'cause sometimes you just gotta have it!  But for realsies, while I think some of these creations would be just the ticket to hide my surge in poundage due to the holidays, would I be willing to plunk down this kind of lettuce?  Take a look:

Let's start with these red beauties at $253
These are a bit more flashy, so $425

I can tell you that I'm liking these pants - plenty of room for disguising my more-than-ever generous hips. No one would ever know.  I think I could even hide a small child in there as well.  Is it worth it, I ask?  Here are some more options:
Pretty gorgeous, no?  $845

These would be my skinny pants later - $895

Maybe I... should make it a theme in
blue and get two pairs.  One pair for now and one pair for later when I'm much, much thinner!

And finally, a study in price extremes. We have the budget pants alongside the priciest pair of the lot!

A steal at $104?
These are oh, so cute!  But $1,215 cute? 

Any advice for a gal who needs...a pair of pants to make her feel great after the holidays?  Maybe I should just go back to WalMart and buy the clothes off the rack this time...
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