Friday, December 30, 2011

How Much Should I Pay For Pants?

The holidays have taken a toll on my hips and thighs and so I went a-browsing to see what I might find in the way of some new pants. I happened to remember a really trendy site, which I remembered had lots of options for the above-mentioned.  I love looking at clothes! I'm not much different from the majority of the female sex when it comes to that.  A few years ago, when I was even more on a budget than I am now, I had a Singer sewing machine and I became obsessed with going to WalMart and looking at all the Simplicity, Butterick, McCalls, Vogue and other sewing patterns in the craft section.  I would then pick out the patterns and material that I thought were so cute and sew my own clothing and even make clothing for my son.  I rationalized that I was saving money.  I was actually paying about the same price as I would if I were just buying my clothes from WalMart.  But I had a little bit of the designer going on in me and it satisfied the OCD/ADD in me which needed to obsess on something.  I wish I saved some of my creations because there were some real doozies!  And I wore them with pride because I had created them.  Anyway, back to the site that I was visiting.  I won't name any names because I'm not out to hate on any sites or for that matter, promote any.  But seriously, would you pay this much for a pair of bloomers? And I don't fault you if you would, 'cause sometimes you just gotta have it!  But for realsies, while I think some of these creations would be just the ticket to hide my surge in poundage due to the holidays, would I be willing to plunk down this kind of lettuce?  Take a look:

Let's start with these red beauties at $253
These are a bit more flashy, so $425

I can tell you that I'm liking these pants - plenty of room for disguising my more-than-ever generous hips. No one would ever know.  I think I could even hide a small child in there as well.  Is it worth it, I ask?  Here are some more options:
Pretty gorgeous, no?  $845

These would be my skinny pants later - $895

Maybe I... should make it a theme in
blue and get two pairs.  One pair for now and one pair for later when I'm much, much thinner!

And finally, a study in price extremes. We have the budget pants alongside the priciest pair of the lot!

A steal at $104?
These are oh, so cute!  But $1,215 cute? 

Any advice for a gal who needs...a pair of pants to make her feel great after the holidays?  Maybe I should just go back to WalMart and buy the clothes off the rack this time...


Rob and Marseille said...

yep! that's why I don't want to learn how to follow a's not worth it to me...but then I get jealous when some people make cute stuff & get to say they made it.

Helena said...


Unknown said...

Oh my GOSH! The prices are exhorbitant! I know I spelled that wrong, but those prices have thrown me off! Wow!
I used to sew ALL my own clothing as well! You just have to find the right fabric store for prices and the fabrics you LOVE!!
Although, I find sewing pants one of the HARDEST items to sew! I ended up resorting to elastic waistbands for ease, then after going through pregnancies, up and down with the weight, I actually prefer elastic!! You have to be particular about how they look, but, you CAN get them to look VERY similar to regular pants, paired with the right top!
But, in actuality, WHO has the time to sew today?
Oh, I say to go to Walmart! I can't believe these prices! Wow!
WHO would pay them?
WHO could afford these?
Laurie Carlson
laurieisreading at gmail dot com
(LOVE your blog!)

Dee W said...

I LOVE the red pants, but I could never spend that much (but that's just me) That's like 10 pair of nice slacks from Old Navy. lol

Anonymous said...

bought two pair of super-cute pants for Cay today. They cost $4.99 and $5.99. Thank you, Savers. I'm going to Thrift Town on Monday or Tuesday to look for pants for me. There pants average about $2.99/pair.

Danielle S said...

They ain't worth it, hon!

A GAL NEEDS... said...

Ya think? 'Cause I was about to go out and buy a pair! Thanks for warning me.

Jan Messali said...

Whew! I don't think I've ever paid over $50 for a pair of pants. These are cute, but crazy expensive!

MsAngelasFinds said...

There is no way I could sew..I can't even make place mats! I am just a savvy shopper and I shop the sales and clearance ONLY! I would never buy a pair of pants for over $30. :)
Angela Michels

J.J. said...

They look amazing, but maybe they are a little too expensive...