Monday, September 19, 2011

Why I Endorse BSOA

My son, Eddie, is a pretty talented guy.  He is 23 and he completed his degree in Urban and Rural Planning at BYU and now is in the midst of his  MPA (Master's of Public Administration) Program, also at BYU!  He did it on his own while working and while doing something else he loves--fighting MMA, his chosen sport, with a  team called Team Unbreakable.   He has done really well with that, winning most of his matches.  I attribute a lot of the discipline it takes to accomplish that kind of work to something he learned much earlier in life--when he earned his Eagle Scout Award from Boy Scouts of America.
I remember attending a meeting with him when he was just a little guy and there were several elements that were great. First, it was very patriotic with the habitual flag ceremony.  It was great to see how the boys were taught to honor their country and treat the flag reverently and respectfully.  Another great thing to see was the recognition these boys received when they earned their merit badges.  No effort goes unnoticed and it is always recognized with badges or certificates.  I think that the positive recognition for their effort helps to spur on even more elbow grease to achieve greater goals.  Last but not least, the refreshments were always there.  I love that parents are involved to help their kids achieve goals.  Eddie always had a good time whenever we went.
There are so many reasons to Be A Scout, among them just a couple I will mention here!  For one thing, are you looking for a way to get your son out and active?  Scouting offers activities that help kids stay in shape and educate them on proper nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.  It just comes naturally with all of the activities and outings that occur as a result of being a scout!  It also involves you, the scout's parent, and helps you teach a wholesome system of values and beliefs, while also building and strengthening relationships among family members.  But it isn't all camping and tying knots.  There is a new emphasis on STEM:  science, technology, engineering, and math.  There are 31 STEM-related merit badges, to help Scouts develop critical skills that are relevant in today's competitive world.
I know that we value our sons and want them to do the best they can in this world and in life. I strongly recommend looking into what Boy Scouts has to offer! 

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