Friday, February 11, 2011

My Milestone!

 It has been a year since I opened up the first giveaway on my blog--It was just because I thought it would be so fun to give things away to readers who came across here!  So I decided to do something for Valentine's Day!  It was a gift set of great Cinnamon Lotion and Massage Oil.  Of course it was provided by moi, yours truly, me, myself and I!  But I had a great time and was really excited that I had 76 entrants!  The year went by and I just realized that I have had 36 winners since then!  I'm so excited about that.  Any little thing that I can do to spread the love about products that I think are incredible and provide some free ones is all my pleasure! 
  Thank you so much to the incredible sponsors I have had the chance to work with.  Sponsors like, Pink Bench, Tropical Traditions, CSN, Breeze Comfort, Misikko, NGlassworks, Grateful Body and many others.  
  Of course, I'd like this coming year to be just as great as last year. So please keep stopping by and checking out my giveaways and reviews. I fully intend to keep them coming!
  Of course I love to enter your giveaways as well.  If you want to see the giveaways that I list and enter, please go to my site called, A Gal Needs At Least 2 Blogs!  Please feel free to follow along! I only list the giveaways that I absolutely love!  You might agree!  


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