Monday, January 24, 2011

This Much Fun and More To Come!

Thanks for everyone's patience until I got back from work to make the big announcements.  I tell you, maybe I ought to go to numbered comments.  I had to count through twice for each winner, just to make sure that I was on count.  I picked one winner from my main entry page and one winner from my extra entry page.  The only catch being that on the extra entry page, they needed to have also entered on the main entry page.  And on the main entry page, they only should have entered one comment on that page and that was which package they preferred.  Both of my winners did so great!  They entered correctly, which said to me that it really wasn't rocket science to enter correctly!  One just needed to read the directions.  So, here are the winners!   Prize package #1, Sporty You, goes to: #129 on my main entry page. 
noble4 said...   Both are good!

 Prize package #2, Feminine You, goes to: #104 on my extra entry page.
Mama Swears said...
I like Uptown Girls Too on FB and told them you sent me.

This was so much fun and I hope I can participate in one of these again!  Until then, I will be putting up my CSN $75 Giveaway in the next 24 hours, and will be announcing the winner of my $15 Target Giveaway too!  Lots of fun stuff going on! 

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