Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Few Really Good Ornaments

My sis-in-law is the most creative gal ever!  She loves to do crafts and beautify her home with them!  

 For a few years now, she has hosted an ornament party at her home.  It is always the same group because the object is to make an ornament for each individual at the party.  Everyone goes home with about 12 or 13  ornaments to put on their tree. It is quite a chore to make 13 ornaments for each person.  But the pay-off is great!  Last year she and I made ornaments together.  Mine went to a gift exchange that I did with my singing group!  They were a big hit! Here are some pictures of her last ornament exchange party and some of the cute ornaments that were made.Very creative, ladies!

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