Sunday, September 5, 2010

Scrubs - Some Do's And Don't's

 Scrubs are a common thing to wear and not just in hospitals! And for good reason--they are comfortable, breathable, loose-fitting and can be fairly aesthetically appealing, with little effort! I like the look with clogs.  It looks really cute, in a casual, working sort of way! 

I, personally, am not in the medical field, but who wouldn't love wearing scrubs?  They are so comfortable!  They aren't form fitting and they are breathable, made almost always with cotton. And with all those gorgeous colors, I wouldn't mind wearing scrub pants as a change from sweats or yoga pants!

What is NOT seen is potentially harmful bacteria lurking in the material of unwashed scrubs.  So, I am making an appeal to any health care workers.  Please, please change your scrubs often!  It's easy to do when you have a place where you can buy cheap scrubs, like at Blue Sky Scrubs!  
One thing I do don't want to wear scrubs that you wear in the hospital as casual attire.    That gets pretty messy. ALWAYS change into clean scrubs when you go to work and don't wear them home or out after you've been working in them.  That's why it is good to have multiple sets of scrubs so that you'll always have a clean pair.  It's not something we like to think about, but when medical personnel wear the same uniforms to work day after day without washing them, they are carrying lots of unsavory germs around. As a potential patient in a hospital and as someone who doesn't want hospital germs at my restaurant table where someone with unlaundered scrubs may have been sitting, I ask all health care scrub wearers to please wear clean scrubs! And may I suggest Blue Sky Scrubs as your vendor for scrub clothing!

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