Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Way To Get Fresh Fruits and Vegetables For Low Prices --Bountiful Baskets

 bountiful baskets food co-op

My brother and his wife, Alicia, just started participating in Bountiful  It's a co-op where you sign up to volunteer and reap the rewards of a fresh fruit and vegetable delivery to a specified place in your city.  Before you read any further, it is currently only available in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Texas, Washington, Arizona and Nevada.  But with more participation and widespread demand, I'm sure it could spread out to other states.  I haven't tried it before, but my brother says it is really good.  They deliver a very generous amount of random seasonal fruits and vegetables to you and you take what is given.  But it is really good stuff at a really great bargain.  He showed me the tomatoes and they looked delicious!  I definitely want to try this!  I'll let you know how it goes!  If you have some experience with Bountiful Baskets or food co-ops, please fill me in as well!

I went on to be a huge fan of Bountiful Baskets and for about a year and a half I faithfully went every week to pick up my basket of fruit and veggies at great prices.  I became disillusioned, however, when I saw that the amount of fruit and even the quality of the fruit sometimes wasn't as great a bargain as I thought.  I slowed up my participation and finally quit once I moved to Sandy from Provo.  I do have fond memories of this time and maybe will start up again this summer!


JaimeLovesStuff said...

I adore BountifulBaskets! Since it's just my daughter and I, we order with my sister and the produce last for a week!

CherylT said...

I have happy feet just hearing about you winning the camera. That is awesome! Love this idea about BountifulBaskets. Wish it would come to Maryland. Definitely keep me posted.