Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quotes From The Oscars

The Oscars will be starting in 1 hour!  I'm excited and hope that Sandra Bullock gets an award because I love her and think she deserves an award this year.   I know that she has some amazing competition, like Meryl Streep, whom I also love, but I'm still crossing my fingers!  Go Sandra~Here are some interesting past quotes from the Oscars!
  • "I do think I'm lucky I met Michael. Not just Michael Douglas the actor and producer with two Oscars on the shelf, but Michael Douglas, the love of my life. I really do think it was meant to happen." -Catherine Zeta Jones
  • "I WANTED to do my hair like that (on her curly hair at the Oscars).  Sometimes people just don't get things until months later."  - Jennifer Lopez
Side note:  If the word diva was ever exemplified, it would be with these two ladies, Celine and Jennifer!
  • "I have records in gold, in platinum, I have two Oscars, I have Grammys and so on."  -Celine Dion
  • "In Hollywood, she's revered, she gets nominated for Oscars, but I've never heard anyone in the public or among my friends say, 'Oh, I love Winona Ryder.' " -Jennifer Lopez
  • "Welcome to the 77th and last Oscars!"  -Chris Rock
  • "I'd be lying if I haven't made a version of this speech before. I think I was probably eight years old and staring into the bathroom mirror and this would have been a shampoo bottle. Well it's not a shampoo bottle now."  -Kate Winslet
  • "This award tonight would have humbly validated Heath's quiet determination to be truly accepted by you all here, his peers within an industry he so loved."  - Heath Ledger's Father
  • Has anybody ever fainted here? Because I might be the first one."  -Penelope Cruz
  • "This award touches my heart and the very depth of my soul because of who the award is from and those who will benefit. The humility I feel is staggering, and I know it will stay with me for the rest of my life." - Jerry Lewis, accepting an Oscar for humanitarian work
  • "I don't know what I did in this life to deserve all of this. I'm just a girl from a trailer park that had a dream."  -Hilary Swank
  • "When I was 19 years old, I was the number one star of the world for two years.  When I was 40, nobody wanted me.  I couldn't get a job."  -Mickey Rooney
  • "As a little kid I lived in the projects, and you're the people I watched.  You're the people who made me want to be an actor.  I'm so proud to be here!"  -Whoopi Goldberg

Well, I could go on and on, but the Oscars will be starting soon and I'm at my Dad's place. My Dad doesn't have Tivo!  See you soon!


le Chef said...

Holy wow. Celine and JLo.
Lord help us.

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

I LOVE that Kate Winslet!! Who among us has NOT held up a shampoo bottle and made our acceptance speech!! I love that she said that, though!!

Thanks, these were fun to read!!

A GAL NEEDS... said...

Jessica - Ha Ha, Pretty ballsy, no?
AFANM - Mine wasn't a shampoo bottle, it was a hair brush! LOL!

Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

Can't stand Celine or J.Lo...I don't think I would miss them if they never acted or sing again.

I am so happy Sandra Bullock won.I loved her speech and Jesse crying during her speech.

A GAL NEEDS... said...

My sentiments exactly! Thanks for sharing!

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