Monday, March 29, 2021

'Fun In The Sun' #Giveaway - $100 to Del Sol

 Welcome to the 'Fun In The Sun' Giveaway, sponsored by Del Sol!

 As you might have read in the previous review, I got in on an amazing pre-Easter sale at Del Sol that was absolutely the best! I shared my haul in the review. Some of you may have missed it, but that's OK, they always are having great sales, plus I'm going to make someone's day even brighter. 

Fun In The Sun With Del Sol #Review

 I think it's safe to say that we are finally past the winter chills in most states, maybe Canada is still a little chilly and today even though the mid-40's isn't technically super cold, it felt that way because it was in the 70's just a couple days ago, so with wind chills and all, feels like 20 degrees, at least to me.  

But that sun is beaming and smiling and teasing us and I'm getting ready! I'm getting out my warm-weather clothing and starting to store away those flannel pj's, the jackets, the fur-lined boot slippers, the fleece lined leggings, all of it. It's going to be good, people! Just soaking in some rays, getting that Vitamin D so many of us are lacking, myself included. Vitamin D is so important for building immunity, making muscles stronger, keeping your mood elevated, suppressing appetite, and keeping your bones strong. I have a special way of knowing when I'm getting my Vitamin D. I wear Del Sol Color-Changing clothing. They become very colorful in sunlight, so it's easy to remember, "when there's color you see, you're getting the D!"

Thanks to Del Sol for providing products for review purposes

Do you follow Del Sol somewhere or check their site every now and then? If you don't, you really should! Just today and today only, they are having a 50% off site-wide sale. It's their pre-Easter sale. I don't know what they actually have planned for actual Easter , but this sale is amazing! Even their sale items go for an additional 50% off. They have some extra goodies attached to the deal as well. Get free shipping on all orders over $35, which is standard for Del Sol. AND if you get 3 t-shirts, you get one of their super amazing color-changing canvas bags. These bags are the bomb. So sturdy and roomy. You can use them for grocery shopping, beach trips, gym bags....they are phenomenal! But hey, if you missed it, that's OK, just get on their e-mail list or follow them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I'm sure that another great sale is just around the corner! 

I actually got in on the sale today. Here are my purchases. I got the whole thing for less than the sale price of the sunnies (shown below). My total was $36.62, so I qualified for the free shipping. I prolly should have gotten 2 more t-shirts, but I already own the canvas bag. However, I'm thinking that I need another one. So maybe that was a mistake.

  Let's chat about Del Sol's amazing sunglasses. They are my absolute favorite sunglasses. Not simply because they change colors in the sun, which is super cool in my book.  It's more because these sunglasses are straight up legit! They have a 100% replacement guarantee, they are 100% UVA and UVB protected, polarized, and they enhance color perception and provide high-contrast viewing! You could pay for an italian-owned name brand but you won't have as much fun as you will with Del Sol! They have everything you ever wanted in sunglasses.

Make sure you follow Del Sol on one of their social media channels or get their updates!

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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Healthy Ways to Reinvent Yourself For A New Season!

 Here we are into Spring! Even more than January 1st, spring, to me, signifies new life, and a new beginning! Have you ever considered reinventing your look but were too hesitant to do so?  Maybe the reluctance to change could be because of insecurities or just the comfort of the same predictable person that you are to yourself and to everyone else. Hey I know, I feel ya! I'm probably the most predictable person in regard to looks that there is. Once, around 2 years ago, I went and cut my hair to above shoulder length. It was crazy! (For me, at least) And while I enjoyed it and I got a lot of encouragement and compliments. I went back to the same below shoulder length style after it grew out and haven't returned to it since. It takes courage to reinvent yourself -- and it takes a lot of effort!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Tips That Will Help You To Cook Healthier - Starting Today


Do you want to try and eat healthier? Then this guide will tell you everything that you need to know in order to get started.

Make a Plan

If you do not have a plan for what you are going to eat, then you may find that you draw blanks when it comes to cooking dinner or lunch. For some people, planning out meals means writing down a menu or even a shopping list for the week. For others, it may be something as simple as having a few sticky notes with things like “pasta night” or “taco night”. Either way, it doesn’t matter what your process is because it helps to have a plan so that you can figure out what you want to make. This will help you to set yourself up for success, and it will also help you to avoid going for a takeaway just because there’s nothing in you fancy.

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Eat More Vegetables

Did you know that on average, only 14% of adults eat the right amount of fruit or vegetables? This means that over 80% of people are not getting enough fresh produce. At the end of the day, fruit and vegetables are very rich in antioxidants, and they are also very rich in fibre and minerals too. It’s highly recommended that you eat around 2 cups of fruit and 3 cups of vegetables a day. This can seem difficult, but when you think about cooking, you just need to make sure that your fresh produce is the star of the show. This may mean that you need to make a fruit smoothie in the morning or that you need to have a big salad for lunch. You might also want to stuff a squash for dinner, or use vegetables as noodles. You can do this by using a spiraliser. If you want to really take things to that next level, then you can look up the best herbs for improving health with ease.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Among Us + #MyPostMonday Linky - The Week's Best Original Content

 I was talking to one of the new learning assistants that joined our staff this year, post-pandemic. She is young, unattached to anyone right now, has great goals for her future, and frankly, is one of America's great hopes. I thought we were going to have her around awhile. But today she said, "I'll be leaving after this school year. And actually, you couldn't pay me enough to stick around." It was said in semi-jest, lots of smiles and laughs to go around, and I said, "Good decision, get out while you're young!" Apparently the antics of the middle-school grade level students aren't for her. What I didn't tell her is that these students energize me each and every day! I love being there! But obviously, it isn't for everyone!

One of the games that many in our home room like to play is called "Among Us". Ever heard of it? I finally downloaded it on my phone to see just how to play it. Although I haven't played it more than a couple times, the gist of it is to prowl around a big house and look for the imposters or fake people. They hide in unlikely places. You get lots of points and kudos if you find and terminate an imposter. If you end up killing someone who is a genuine player, not an impersonator, you get docked.

It reminds me somewhat of society today. We have all kinds of people here in our country. Some are the kindest, sweetest people, who wouldn't hurt a fly and then there are the not-so-nice people, the n'er do wells, who would just as soon shank you than have compassion. But they blend in and act the part until something comes along that brings out their true colors.  It's really hard, sometimes, to distinguish who our true friends are vs. the users and abusers. 

Friday, February 26, 2021

Weekend Fashion Deals

 Cents Of Style

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All graphic shirts are marked down now thru March 1st! This is the entire graphic collection, which includes over 70 pieces! In addition, take another 20% off the already marked-down price! This means there are graphics available starting below $8! Use code GRAPHICS20 for the additional discount. Free shipping over $35. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Graphic Hoodies: Markdown - $24.99 With Code: $20.00 (Available Sizes and Links below)

Available in Sm, 2XL, 3XL

available in Sm and 2XL

available in Sm, 2XL and 3XL

 Graphic Tees - Various Markdowns, sizes and availabilities
(links below):

Art Deco Half Moon Tee     

Leopard Jungle Tee

Take The Trip Tee

Leopard Lips Tee

These are just a few of the fun items I found on the site! 


Grab some cute spring dresses for under $20 right now at JANE! Many items are free shipping. I'm listing a few below!

Plaid Weekend Skirt

Indie Weekend Skirt

Thanks for checking out Weekend Fashion Deals on A GAL NEEDS...

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Turn Your Passion For Health Into A Career Option


Living a healthy life is something that I've always been intent on doing, as many people are these day. But what if you want to take it one step further? For example, if you exercise, it could lead you to take it further and become a personal trainer. When it comes to turning your health into a career, what sort of options are there beyond being a personal trainer? The answer is: there are many!

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Working With Herbs

While you could work in terms of homeopathy, which requires you to study for a qualification, some people like the immediate effects of natural products such as THC or CBD. In which case, you could sign up today to become a vendor for products containing THC. It's a fantastic way to get yourself involved with the ever-growing medical marijuana community, but you could also become self-employed and offer advice. If this is a passion of yours, it could be the best way to develop a freelance career. It is important to know that you need a license to practice this, but usually, it requires more of an investment over rigorous training towards qualifications.

Nutritional Therapy

We are at a crossroads in life in terms of diet. There is one side that talks about veganism being the one true path, yet others are talking about the carnivore diet. And nutritional therapy is something that is about using science to back it up. The fact of the matter is that everybody seems to be some sort of nutritional expert these days, especially if you look on social media! If you have an interest in eating well or helping people to live better lives through their diet, this could be a great choice. Studying to be a nutritional therapist is a straightforward approach, and it also gives you the opportunity to fix your own health. 

Wellness Apps

If you are an enthusiastic blogger, you may use it as an opportunity to put across your thoughts and feelings in terms of health. There are so many blogs that do this, but if you want to go one step further, and how you have technical skills you can start to use your own abilities to help others through an app. Many apps help people even in terms of wellness or using natural ingredients. And you can bring it all together with a blog to create a fully-fledged health and wellness business.

Self-Care Coaching

One of the best things you can do to help others is to focus on self-care. We live in an age where self-care is so important, especially in light of current events. And being a self-care coach isn't just a fantastic way to help others, but it allows you to shine a light on your own issues and make sure that you are looking after yourself properly. It is an incredibly rewarding thing to see somebody love and respect themselves. 


As you can see, if you're looking to turn your love of health into a career option, there are a wide variety of choices out there! Look at what you love about achieving and maintaining good health. Decide how you can help others attain the same kind of enthusiasm that you have. Know that there is value for the kind of assistance you could provide. Create a package and a payment plan! Don't be afraid to dream!

Monday, February 22, 2021

I Don't Live There Anymore + #MyPostMonday The Week's Best Original Content

 The other day, my dog Evee and I were tramping around in the hills of our local horse and hiking park, which goes miles into the hills and dells of my town. It's really a lovely place (except that the horses go off the maintained bark trails that are meant for horses, and go onto unmaintained animal and walking trails, destroying the delicate eco-growth, which makes it hard to keep a decent pair of walking shoes😫). So, other than that it's lovely.

It was earlier in the morning and that is the time when we run into groups of moms working out before school and work. They are chattering as they run or walk, full of pre-workout, caffeine or both. You can hear their excited banter from far away, signaling their energetic approach. 

And since I use the time as a peaceful, reflective time, I usually avoid running into such groups and take an alternate route. This morning was no different, I heard their approach, I took a different trail. But I still overheard a couple of sentences that one woman was telling her walking companion. It went like this: " least you know you did everything you could. You didn't do anything wrong. So going into it, you don't need to feel guilt......."

I thought it was so interesting that one woman was trying to make another friend try to feel better about something she was dealing with. I don't know if it resonated with the woman she was talking to, but it sure resonated with me. I applied what she said to myself and took it literally. It felt like she was saying those words to me.

How many times have I felt guilt, not because of what I did, but what someone was putting on me regardless of whether or not I deserved it? Regardless of whether or not I was trying my best, regardless of what was going on in my life. It's been so many times that I can't even count. And the thing is, I've internalized it. I've felt the burden of it. I have felt so bad and my sense of worth has been diminished.

Here I am, still trying to figure things out, trying to interpret some of my actions and where they came from. Somewhere deep within my unconscious being, a probable self-defense or coping mode had been activated. So embedded that I haven't even recognized it for what it really is.......until recently. I've come to understand what some people with strong personalities, who are close to me have done. They have set me up to be a scapegoat, someone to blame things on, someone to treat poorly because they have seen it done to me in the past. So even though I have done nothing wrong, they like to blame me for things. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Creating A Safe Home Environment During Times Of Crisis And Beyond


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 Like every home, the family comes in various shapes and sizes. The pandemic's lock down and social distancing protocols mean you’ll likely spend more time than usual with your families. Working from home, virtual school with your kids, and ensuring your family's safety can sound pretty daunting. However, there are additional risks. A 2018 study asserted that the US recorded 125,3000 preventable fatal home injuries, a figure which represented 75% of all preventable home injuries. With your family spending more time at home now, check out these simple tips to secure your family. 

1.    Don't just dine, connect



 Eating together as a family seems to be more and more difficult. But the rewards for finding a time to eat together at least a couple times a week can pay off big dividends. Dinner presents a fantastic platform to measure how well your children are navigating their teenage years. Studies have shown that the time you spend together with your kids is essential in reducing their chance of falling into conditions like alcohol or substance abuse, depression, or in the worst case, contemplating suicide. Dinner builds individual members into one collective family; 30 minutes of dinner together each day is enough to get the family more connected.

2.       Your home should be a haven

For your family to flourish, it’s essential to have a physically and emotionally safe space where every member feels secured and protected. Where else can you have that than your home? Children particularly need that safe place to re-energize and get going once again. Regardless of how independent they become after they begin having sleepovers and going to extracurricular activities like sports and other programs, they'll always need a home to return to. The home offers a safe spot where they can be themselves entirely and comfortably connect with the entire family.  

While we continue to face the pandemic, it’s practical to consider ways to make your home more comfortable for your family. Are you remote working, or are your kids' schooling from home? Here are some tips to make your home a haven.

  • ·Allow more light into your home. whether that is to open the window treatments during the day or maybe get a light therapy lamp!
  •  Have dedicated personal spaces regardless of whether you are sharing or living alone. It allows people to relax, regroup and unwind on their own time, in their own way.
  • ·Prioritize presence and connection. Have a designated screen-free time (dinner would be perfect) to foster connection and rapport with other family members
  •  Keep your home tidy and clean. That may be tough if you have kids. Don't feel as if you have to be perfect at it. You'd be surprised what a few minutes of tidying  up in the morning and in the evening can do for the feeling of peace within your space!
  • ·Establish sound limits. Letting people know what your limits are is a good strategy. Make sure they are reasonable and that you stick to them!

3.       Pick up a family plan

As daunting as it may seem, picking the appropriate family health plan for your family is vital to protecting them. Choosing the right family plan is key to guaranteeing that even in your absence, your family will have some level of financial protection to cater for basic things like food and healthcare, mortgage, and care for the aged or disabled loved ones. You need solid leads to figure out which insurance agency is reliable and explore their products to find one that suits your family's needs. More serious health issues require more specialized coverage and could even require legal assistance. Some health issues can be the result of former employment with hazardous working conditions. For instance, mesothelioma is a common illness due to asbestos exposure. It's important to find a firm with highly successful mesothelioma attorneys to hold the company responsible.

4.    Examine your home for safety hazards

Statistics by Safe Kids Worldwide have suggested that an average of 2,200 children suffer fatal home injuries each year. Take the time to examine the various rooms in your home and eliminate any potential hazard source to secure them. Establishing control over the health and safety of your home is key to protecting your family. Make a consistent effort to remove any potential hazards. If possible, replace hazardous products with safer ones.

 5.  Prepare For Unexpected Emergencies

Being prepared for the unexpected will give you and your family more confidence that you can overcome problems with ease. These emergencies could be a power outage or natural disaster (or both at the same time). But, other emergencies can happen outside and around the house as much as inside it. Make sure you teach your kids (and partner) to be safe outdoors to avoid injury and accidents, even if it is as close to home as your front lawn. Make a point to learn more about potential personal injuries so you know your options and, hopefully, have the funds to pay for any legal fees you may have to get appropriate compensation.

 Make sure to have a plan for unexpected emergencies. Have a designated meeting place in case people get separated, have a 24-hour survival bag ready and accessible for everyone, store extra food and water in extra available space. A great place to store emergency food and water supplies is under beds and in closets.

Remember, all families are different. All families need safety, nurturing, love, and a place to grow. It's not an easy task, but so worth every little effort you make towards those ultimate goals!


What is something you do with your own family to cope or prepare for challenging times ?


Monday, February 15, 2021

Amazing President's Day Sale At Del Sol

 Hello Gal Pals! This is a very quick post, done out of love for you and this company. I've worked with Del Sol for a number of years and have a yearly giveaway for them. They have the most amazing color-changing clothing, nail polish, kid products, jewelry, etc. They are the best! 

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Today they are having an amazing President's Day Sale that is so good,  I ordered twice! Everything on their site is 50% off with free shipping on all orders over $35.  A lot of their items are already on sale!
Plus, if you order any 3 teeshirts, you get one of their extremely high quality cloth, color-changing tote bags. I've included a few images of things I saw on the site! Use the code: GOODVIBES to get the 50% discount.


I'm a fan of everything at Del Sol and especially when their sunglasses are on sale, I make sure to get some. They are 100% UVA UVB, polarized and with a lifetime guarantee!

Have a wonderful President's Day!