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Monday, October 2, 2017

Love Will Win! + #MyPostMonday The Week's Best Original Content

This morning my husband greeted me with the horrible news of the Las Vegas massacre. I couldn't believe that yet another earth-shaking tragedy has occurred and this is one that no one can blame on global warming. By recent accounts, the perpetrator was seen as an ordinary guy, with a few excusable vices, like gambling. What made his mind snap after his gambling binge in Vegas? Or was it simply a cold, calculated, murderous rampage, with his own demise signaling the end of the horror? I couldn't help but cry as I saw the videos of helpless people not knowing what to do and frozen in fear as they were systematically being gunned down by this lunatic. So many of them were heroes and even gave their lives while protecting others.

There has been an upswing in unbelievable kinds of tragedies in the last year alone. What on earth is going on? I guess the best thing anyone can do is be prepared. Prepared for what though? If you don't know exactly what is going to transpire at anytime or anyplace. what do you prepare for? The best thing I can prepare is my state of mind. I need to prepare my mind to realize that I might not be around as long as I might think or, if I am, the possibility of not around in the way I thought I would be.

What are the things I would like to leave behind? For one thing, I feel like I need to perform more service. I don't want my world to be limited by what I see behind my screen. I need to look around at the people in my own neighborhood and city, and try to make a difference there. I'd like to make a renewed effort to be of more service wherever I can. My feeble attempts at donations and prayers are fine, but there are opportunities right where I am! I may not change the world, but I may change my own life and make it better by making others' lives better. 
Image - Nate Burnett
And why would I do something like that? Because I don't believe that this life is a dead-end. I don't believe that once you are dead, that is it. I believe life goes on and I don't believe that the evolution of man means that my own life's evolution is done with the end of my life. I believe in the human spirit. I believe in accountability to a higher power. And I believe that my service to my fellow beings is also simultaneously in the service of my God. It does take work and it does take intention. And these tragic events are making me more intentional with what I want to do.

These tragedies are changing people. They are either making them more hateful and vindictive or they are making them more determined to do good and be prepared. I know which one I intend to be. One of these days, the world will be governed by one entity. And that entity will be love! The best thing I can do now, even in the face of evil and tragedy is practice, practice, practice. Practice doing good, for love will win in the end!
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