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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Dog Day Of Summer At 'This Is The Place Heritage Park'

I feel like I have become an unofficial ambassador of sorts for 'This Is The Place Heritage Park! It is just the best place out there because of all the fun family events and amenities. Now they've got a new event that is coming up this Saturday! It's called, appropriately, the 'Dog Day Of Summer' Event!

 For any and all of you who have and love dogs, this will be THE place to be! Check this out:
Just $5.00 admission, this will be the best time for your dogs to be the focus of your time and attention. Not only will there be a route for a walk in the park, but sponsor, "I And Love And You" dog food will provide a free meal and poop bags for your furry friend! But that's not all! Meet celebrity dogs, Harlow, Indiana and Reese! Get your pics taken with them and check out their New York Times Best-selling book and have it autographed while you're there! There will be swag and free dog treats available, as well as dog bling at the Heritage Park Gift Shop and other vendors!
 You can find the route for the dog walk here. If you would like to participate in the walk/parade, please register here!

You can bet we'll be there with our feisty rescue girl, Evee! She is a border collie that we found in our local paper for $50. She snarled at me the first time we met and bit my husband's hand when he wanted to pet her. It's been almost 7 years, and she has made such progress! She catches frisbee like a champ and is so loving in our family. But she still has some spunk and feistiness left!
Don't have a dog? Maybe you'll find your match at the event! There will be dog adoptions through the Utah Humane Society from 10:00 a.m. through 1:00 p.m.!

Psst....don't forget to mention 'A GAL NEEDS...' for $2.00 off the price of regular admission every day!(A portion of all proceeds will be donated to animal shelters and other animal friendly organizations.)
Disclosure: I was provided free admission to this event in exchange for PR. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, August 7, 2015

A Great T-Shirt! Easy Style For On-The-Go Moms

 The t-shirt is the undisputed comfort top! Jennifer Lopez nailed the look with a skirt and shows that it can be worn for a casual or dressier occasion!
Loved and worn by moms everywhere, the t-shirt is usually paired with yoga pants, jeans, or sweats. I say keep the comfort factor when aiming for a slightly dressier look! The t-shirt can be paired with a cute skirt, and some great espadrilles like my sassy friend, Andrea, below! She's got 4 kids, teenagers' included! It's instant style and proven comfort!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Weekend $50 Flash #Giveaway! Choice Of Amazon or PayPal!

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Summer Driving Adventure

The summer days are upon us and the Memorial Day Weekend is what kicks it off.  There are more fatalities between Memorial Day and Labor Day than any other time of the year.  So read this cautionary tale and learn from my “adventure”. 

Funny, before it happened, I was feeling rather sorry for myself thinking that I never have any fun adventures.   I feel like that cartoon in Calvin & Hobbs, where they are talking about adventures.  Calvin is basically saying he’s never had any adventures!

But Hobbs, being the ever-faithful and encouraging companion that he is, attempts to jog Calvin’s memory—

Very recently I put that “never had an adventure” feeling to rest.  And of course it was while driving, something I devote a good deal of time to, with my 60 mile daily commute and everything else I do that involves me getting somewhere.  This is how it went down:

   I was almost home from a busy day doing some volunteering at Comic Con, my favorite nerd festival, when one of those huge, obnoxious, Chevy 4x4’s pulled out into the road in front of me, you know, the ones that belch black smoke in your face for no other offense than that of being behind it.  It also had a long, open trailer in the back.  I was mildly annoyed.  Really?  Did the guy have to cut it so close?  I mean, he certainly had the height with those lifts to see that there were no cars in back of me.  Couldn’t he even wait a hot second to pull his monstrosity…er, truck out and avoid cutting a car off?  I let it slide.  
   He then did the same thing to a car in the left lane.  Wow...We kept going and the natural flow of traffic put me in front of him.  And I needed to change lanes because I was going to make a left turn.  So I changed lanes.  I don’t remember if I put on my blinker or how close I was in front of him when I changed.  But he seemed annoyed because he sped up and started tailgating me, his headlight on my bumper.  If automobiles and trucks can grind, this would have been it.    
   We were coming close to the light and I needed to slow down.  Soooooo….I tapped the brake.  Heck, if he wanted to follow me that close and he happened to plow into me, well, not my fault.  But now the dude was enraged.  He certainly didn’t let up and when I decided to take a left into a parking lot to get him off my tail, he suddenly did a U-turn.  I didn’t think much about it until I got out onto the road I needed to take and there he was behind me again.  I was driving at around 35 – 40 mph and he came barreling up behind me, got into the next lane, came up beside me and swung into my lane, ahead of me, except for that trailer he was pulling?  Yeah, it slammed into the side of my car.  Hard.  And then he took off.  After a split second of collecting myself, I realized I had just been hit, that damage had most definitely been done to my car, and that he wasn’t stopping.  He was now down the road and ready to turn at the stoplight.  In other words, this was a hit and run!  I quickly decided that he wasn’t going to get away without a chase.  So I took off in “hot pursuit”.  My adventure was starting. 

   I chased this truck with the trailer about 10 miles---through 2 red lights, a couple of stop signs and definitely cut through some traffic.  Luck was on my side.  He was trying every way he knew to get away from me.  He may well have succeeded if he hadn’t had that trailer on the back of his truck.  I was prepared to go until I ran out of gas if need be.  I was also on the phone with emergency dispatch, trying to relate what had just happened to the dispatcher.   She wanted me to get the license plate number and that was difficult because it was partially obscured by the trailer.  Just talking to her while driving was really hard and I’m sure I didn’t make sense a lot of the time because my top priority was to keep that truck in my sights.  I felt like Miami Vice, ready to get the bad guys. 

   Apparently I did a good job of showing my determination and driving skills because all of a sudden he pulled off to the side of the road and I did the same.  He got out of the truck and I was very interested in seeing what kind of guy was capable of something like that.  Well, very small guy.  He wasn’t much taller than me and I might have out-weighed him by 10 lbs.  Wow.  It all made sense now. Classic Small Man Syndrome.

   He attempted to engage me in a conversation but I’d have none of it.  I didn’t crack the window, and I pointed to my phone to let him know that the cops were on their way.  He went back to his truck and we waited like that until they came. 

   He ended up telling the officer that he didn’t realize he had hit me until he “noticed” that I was following him.  And since there were no witnesses, it was my word against his.  He ended up getting an improper lane change ticket and his insurance is paying for my damaged door and front bumper.  

   I’m glad that things went  down like they did.  I think things could have turned out much worse, which is what I want to let you know. 

   Road rage is a real thing.  You never know what state of mind a driver is in.  I learned that just because you, a safe driver, may be in the right, don’t antagonize someone after they have made a stupid move.  I tapped my brake and that was just enough to send this guy off the edge.  I think that luckily, while we were in that chase, he was somehow able to come to grips with the situation.  His reason overcame his sense of revenge and he decided to make a good decision by pulling over. 

My need for an adventure has definitely been satisfied for awhile and I’ve learned something as well.  I hope everyone has a safe and fun summer and drive safely!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Fun and Some New Hair Products!

This past week brought some interesting activities.  We have been looking for a new place to live because my Dad wants to try to live by himself.  Yes, my dear 84 year old dad, descendant of Captain Kidd the pirate, thinks he can go it on his own. Laughable.  We've been here for about a year now, paying him rent and helping him out wherever we can.  Although he is still mobile and still has a driver's license, we find him doing all kinds of dangerous and crazy things like getting on the roof,  injuring himself, leaving doors wide open to the house, eating himself into a sugar stupor and other such things. He always appreciates the things we do for him, but he thinks he's going to be happier by himself.  Hey, if that is what he wants, that's what we will do.  But not going to settle for just anything.  We have been up and down the I-15 corridor between Payson and Layton and a few places even further than that.  We have seen some interesting homes.  I think I will start taking some pictures as we look for the perfect little place.  But that's not all we've been up to---

We went on a river cruise with my brother and his family. Yes, we cruised down the Provo River on innertubes!  We started up-river close to Vivien Park and ended up about 5 miles down from there.  It was about 91 degrees outside but the water was a frigid 40 degrees.  It felt icy cold, especially as I put my hands into the water to maneuver my tube.  There was a lot of fairly slow moving water, but there were some rapids too.  My innertube seemed to gravitate toward the sides of the river, where there were overhanging branches and rocks. My accident-prone self was the only one that got an injury.  Yep, I got caught by a branch and then I got arm burn from repeatedly trying to paddle away from the shoreline and while doing so, my arm rubbing against the plastic tube.

 I know that by the end of this summer I will be a bruised, scraped, banged-up mess!  But c'est la vie! 

We celebrated my son's 20-something birthday at Tucano's Restaurant, which is a lively Brazilian-style grill. They brought us meats of all kinds to taste as we ate our all-you-can eat salad from the amazing salad bar.  I had sushi, shrimp, and collard greens, among other things, and  I always said yes when they brought around the fillet mignon and garlic beef.  It was delicious! (I swear I'm going off meat next Tuesday....maybe.)  The group of servers came and delivered a birthday treat to the birthday boy and then had him stand up and shake the tambourine while they sang.  I tried to capture it, but this is all I got.  :(  Notice my dad focused only on one thing--the food!
But I digress! With the summer heat and wear and tear on my hair, I need to do something about it.  Too much styling in this desert climate can really do damage.  So I have decided to up the ante with these 3 hair products from IT Haircare found at in the beauty section.  At just $6.99 each, they are a great bargain and they use Abyssinian Oil. This natural oil contains a high percentage of unsaturated C22 fatty acids, but is very stable against heat breakdown and is highly resistant to oxidation.
Abyssinian Oil has a unique molecular structure not found in any other naturally occurring oil.

  • 12-in-One Miracle Mist -This is a multi-task hair treatment that adddresses 12 hair issues.  Just spray it in after washing your hair and style as usual.  
  • Surf Spray  - This is for hair with any kind of natural wave.  It helps to define and texturize my waves if I don't want to fool with straightening.  I just use this wet or dry and put a diffuser on it.
My opinion is that this product works just as well as some high end products I have tried.  In these pictures, I have just washed my hair and put in said products.  Not much styling otherwise.  I loved the Surf Spray and the Illuminator Instant Shine.  They did what they said they would do!  In a few short days I will be offering one of these products for one of my readers, so stay tuned!