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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Some Of My Met Gala Favorites

The Met Gala was on Monday and if you love fashion, this was the place to be! At $25,000 a ticket, one has the right to dress and express themselves in pretty much  any way they choose. This year's theme was "China: Through The Looking Glass".  I chose a few of my favorites!

Beyonce - Again and again she pushes the envelope, this time in a gold sequined, chiffon number that leaves little to the imagination. If you got it, flaunt it? 

Anne Hathaway - I do love her as an actress. She gives every role she has her all. This gold lame, chain mail number makes her rail thin body look like it almost has curves! Her face is so beautiful that she can do anything with it.

Jennifer Lawrence - As far removed from Katniss as she could be in this faux two-piece body conscious dress. Look at the necklace she is wearing!  I'm still trying to decide if I like it with the outfit or not!

Helen Mirren - What a classy look. How old is she? She is a UK National Treasure. She looks stunning. The earrings accent her outfit so well, along with the clutch!

Sarah Jessica Parker - Who could pull anything like this off? I actually like it! She looks like an evil witch queen from a 'Game Of Thrones' novel. But if you're going for that look, she pulled it off magnificently!

Selena Gomez - Not sure I understand what she is trying to pull off. Maybe she's going for the naughty nun look! What makes it turn from elegant to slightly ridiculous is the head piece.  

Katie Holmes - Tom Cruise's ex is looking mighty coy these days! The front of her gown is very demure and then she turns around and it's very daring! It makes for a bit of a surprise. Well-played!

Kate Hudson - Kate was accompanied by the designer who designed her dress - Michael Kors. The dress is very detailed in its stitched design. The train is just right and the front is well-proportioned and flattering. I'm not sure what it looks like in the back, but the front is gorgeous.

Which outfit is your favorite? Which is your least favorite?