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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Injury And Pain Recovery Wth NatraCure Featuring PolyGel

We have a lot of pain going on at our house! Just for starters, my husband has an old back injury and he gets back flare-ups regularly. I have been dealing with shoulder pain from an injury that won't seem to heal properly, and my son has knee problems, stemming from his high school football position on the defensive line.

With the prohibitive cost and low availability of good medical insurance and the difficulty of  getting a doctor that one feels good about, more and more people are turning to at-home medical treatment wherever possible. Our family is certainly in that category. If we can take care of something at home vs. going to the doctor, we're going to do it.

Most injuries require lots of  diligent care, as well as time and patience for them to heal. For instance, any kind of inflammation is going to require alternate regimens of heat and cold, the most widely recommended treatment. Coupled with that, compression is a real benefit because it delivers the heat or cold deep into the tissues for better pain relief. With all of the injuries in my family, inflammation is the main problem. Hot and cold treatment is what is needed on a regular basis. There really isn't much else to do, other than get medicated for pain, (which has its own risks) and get physical therapy (which can be costly and time-consuming).

I was thrilled to find out about a company called NatraCure, a company that has created a line of ThermoActive Cold/Hot Compression Aids. It utilizes a special gel called PolyGel with revolutionary properties. What that means is that now advanced injury treatment, once virtually impossible to get outside of a hospital/ER or doctor's office is easily obtainable for in-home use! Until recently, PolyGel had primarily served the medical industry, where their products were prescribed by thousands of orthopedists and podiatrists across the U.S. But with NatraCure, the same technologies offered to doctors have been adapted for consumer use. So no prescription is required!

For instance, we were able to order and use the NatraCure Hot/Cold & Compression Knee Support for my son, who has knee pain associated with a football injury. Aside from physical therapy, there really isn't much he can do other than to manage the pain. The Hot/Cold & Compression Knee Support is excellent because since he is in the later stages of injury, he needs heat that is uniform and adds constant pressure. It really works well and we are thrilled to have such a great aid in pain management, ultimately healing him of knee pain.  This would also be great for chronic conditions such as patella tendonitis, chondromalacia, and bursitis, alternate therapy where heat and cold are needed in repeated intervals, after physical therapy, household accidents, or pre and post sports activity.
 The PolyGel is unique because it can be both heated and cooled. It retains the temperature for longer periods of time and doesn't require as much gel, so it can conform to the point of injury better.

This system was about $100 and will literally save us hundreds of dollars in pain management, physical therapy and medical costs on just the one injury. Of course, as other knee injuries inevitably come up, we can use it on those as well! The Hot/Cold & Compression Knee Support's built-in compression system and included PolyGel pack provide targeted hot or cold treatment with quick, easy operation, ideal for treating the pain and swelling associated with arthritis, household accidents, sports injuries, or chronic pain conditions.

NatraCure has other innovative options as well, based on individual parts of the body, from head to toe. There are many heat and cold therapy aids available on the market. But this system is way ahead of the game because of the PolyGel and the accompanying compression technology. I figure why settle for partial treatment, when you can have what a doctor would provide? It's the difference between being cured and putting a temporary band-aid on something.

I recommend NatraCure Hot/Cold & Compression Products for every household. There is nothing like it!
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