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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring Hair Ideas For Medium Length Hair

Spring is here, even though it snowed this evening. March is such a fickle month! But it's definitely time to start thinking about that spring look, including the hair. I took a look around the net to see what I might find for inspiration for you and myself. Since I have medium length hair, I'll focus mainly on that.

First of all, I love a beautiful curl but most of the time, just don't want to spend the time to get it!  To get those perfect curls on your head you need to know how to hold the curling iron! The trick is to hold the curling iron upside down! Who knew? Instead of clamping it in the iron, simply wrap it around the barrel. It makes a truly gorgeous curl!
Another style that will have you on point this spring is the tousled beach waves look. This look is a little different than the classic curl. You use sea salt spritz on wet hair to define the hair but making it as light as possible, avoiding the roots. After it is dry, use a curling iron and take random sections holding it only 3 - 5 seconds. Then you can tousle your hair with your fingers or leave it for tighter curls. Finish with hairspray.

Straight hair is glossier and more swingy than ever! Get the look with lots of straightening serum, straightening irons, hairspray and a paddle brush! If you don't like extreme heat on your hair, there are these alternatives:
1. Brush your hair until it dries and smooth it with hairspray
2. Wrap your hair before bed and secure it with a scarf.
3. Roll your wet hair with large rollers the size of soda cans, letting it dry completely before removing rollers.
Hair Accessories are huge this spring as well! The more creative, the better. Use scarves, pins, barrettes, ponytail holders, ribbons, flowers, or whatever else you feel is fun and stylish! There are so many beautiful hair accessories out there! Try for starters! It's going to be a great hair year!

For all 3 of the above hairstyles--curly, tousled and straight, the use of a heated styling wand or iron is suggested. Not all stylers are the same and an educated guess about which to use on your particular hair type is recommended! You need to decide how much heat your hair can stand, what kind of look you want, and then decide how much you want to invest in the ideal instrument. It is an extremely wide range! 
 I know I'm now more motivated to try something cute and new! I hope that you too get excited about your spring look too! There are so many options out there and it surely is motivating to do something different, once winter is behind us!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hair Extensions From Irresistible Me! #ValentinesSale + #DiscountCode

There is nothing like feeling you have gorgeous, thick, hair. It's been awhile since I've really felt like that. Over time, the texture and thickness of my hair has changed. It's not that I'm going bald or anything, but the luxurious thickness and manageability I used to have are just not there...until the other day when I experimented with 'Irresistible Me' hair extensions.
Before then, I thought that hair extensions were just for younger gals, who want to have really long hair and look glamorous. I certainly am not into looking like a cover model, or attracting any unwanted attention, or look like I'm trying to be something I'm not, or just plain trying too hard! I dismissed hair extensions as something completely out of my comfort zone.
But since I am a review blogger, duty called! I ordered the Royal Remy 17" extensions, a conservative length, in light brown. They came within a few days of my order but it took me awhile to get the motivation to try them on. I was fascinated when I opened the box!

An actual box of beautiful Remy 100% human hair! It was gorgeous, shiny and in perfect condition. It actually came boxed in sealed foil packages and within those, several pieces with attached hair clips wrapped in netting. I first opened the package that had just one strand of hair, to make sure it was a good match for my hair. (If you open the whole box before you try the test strand, the return guarantee is void) It was a good match and so I opened the rest of the package.
Being extremely naive about the whole process, I experimented with it myself. I didn't realize, at the time, that it was clip-in. I tried to put it in by just wedging in a few of the strands--like a comb (there are little teeth, albeit tiny!). It actually did work but it wasn't comfortable and I felt it was going to fall out. But I wore it out and about to a couple of things. I'm just glad it didn't fall out right then and there on the spot. I really need to start reading the directions on things.

But even with the embarrassing faux pas, I loved the look of the hair and knew I wanted to incorporate it into my routine, especially for special occasions. Here are some before and after pictures of me wearing the extensions without even clipping them in. (I'm such a dweeb!)
No extensions - See the gaps?

A couple misapplied strands did fill in gaps
I decided to go to my local Fantastic Sam's in Sandy, UT (see address below) and get them to help me put them in and apply them a little more securely. It was while there that I realized they are clip-in! So much easier and comfortable! I want to thank Baily, who did an amazing job in about 20 minutes time! Of course you don't need a hairstylist to style your own 'Irresistible Me' hair extensions. It's just nice!

What I love about these extensions or pieces of hair is that they blend in so well to my overall hairstyle. I didn't need to cut them for my purposes! It is a real boost to my overall look! My husband says it makes me look 10 years younger. What do you think?
Before Irresistible Me!

Curled and Coifed

Hair for days! Thanks Irresistible Me!
 And right now, we're in the middle of a pretty awesome sale! Their Valentine's Day Sale is up to 50% off on items. Personally, I love their pony tail extensions! Next on my list for sure! And for a limited time, get an additional 10% off, using this promotional code at check-out: IrresistibleHelena What an amazing deal that will be--Up to 60% off! 

For more information & tips, check out Irresistible Me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and G+

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pampering at local Dallas Roberts Salon! Get $20 Off Here! #Utah

  I don't know if it's the Utah climate or what, but I've got really dry hair.  When I lived in Virginia, my hair was frizzy from the humidity, but dry, not so much!.  I think my hair is just a problem all the way around.  But I do know that the upcoming winter is even drier than it is in the spring, summer and fall,  That's why I need to do a deep condition from the start so that I can keep up with it.  For anyone with dry hair, I think it's a good idea to get it taken care of before winter sets in. 

I had the privilege of going to Dallas Roberts Salon in West Jordan, UT and get a deep condition, cut & style in exchange for a review.  My stylist was Becky Pederson, the senior stylist there, even though she is the youngest!  At just 21, she is years ahead of her time in terms of intuition, service, and general making you feel at home.  The decor of the establishment is so professional.  I walked in and was greeted by a big waiting area, with leather chairs and couch, beautiful flower arrangements in designer vases, and an overall feeling of casual elegance.

Becky used their great organic product line called Davines, a family-owned, award-winning international brand distributed in 70 countries for my condition and styling experience.  I absolutely loved how it left my hair feeling--totally soft and manageable.  And it will last for awhile too!

Becky, my stylist and me!
Becky was expert in the styling of my hair.  I recently had an experience at another Salon where I paid over $60 for a cut, style and condition, very similar to what I had done at Dallas Roberts.  And while I did like the products that were used on my hair, I wasn't happy with the way the stylist styled my hair.  She didn't seem like she was intuitive about styling at all and my style came out very boring, and not at all flattering.  So I'm very much of the belief that the stylist you get is so important.  Becky is one of those great stylists!

A line that is exclusive to Dallas Roberts is their make-up line called Tiffany Leigh Cosmetics. I love the acronym the name creates--TLC!  The owners, Larry and Sherri Curtis, created the line and named it after their daughter.   Both Larry and Sherri have amazing resumes in the hair and make-up industry.  Sherri Curtis is a professional, much sought after make-up artist with a Hollywood background and Larry is an author and motivational speaker as an insider in the industry. 

(The necklace I was wearing in the video is one I got from Mintgem Jewelry on Etsy.  Cute, eh?)

 For your discount of $20.00 on any service, please mention A GAL NEEDS...sent you and the discount will be applied at the time of service!  For a limited time only!  (By October 31)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It Hair Style & Enhance Collection Product #Giveaway

The Style & Enhance Collection

 I have tried so many hair care products, it's not even funny.  I go to the beauty salon and they get me to buy what they put in my hair.  I hear about the latest, greatest hair serum and I'll get it.  Usually it's really pricey.  Then I try it and I never can get the same look myself.  And now I've got all this product that I need to use up.   I've got multiple hair products in our bathrooms!  Such clutter!   My wish is that I could get it down to just a couple of tried and true products that are also budget-friendly.

Then I tried and wrote about several products from The Style & Enhance Collection from It Haircare.  I had never heard of them before and so I came from a very "here we go again" mindset--another expensive product, another epic fail on my end of the styling process.  But I was pleasantly surprised with these products.  They definitely have an expensive feel to them, especially when I learned that they use Abyssinian Oil, which is very similar to argan oil.  In some tests, it even out-performs argan oil, but is more renewable and sustainable than the latter. 

They did a great job on my hair and did what they said they would do.  I had no complaints and certainly praise!  What is great is that all major retailers carry them for great prices.  Usually they are around $6.99!  I know, right?  Bargain!  And my sense on this was correct...the August 'People Style Watch' named It 'Illuminator' Shine Spray a Best New Beauty Cheapie!  

I especially loved the Surf Spray because it really creates great curls!  You can get the look below by using it!

I love the It Brands Facebook page and Website because they show you how to get all the popular styles using their products.  

The Products in the Style & Enhance Line (You'll want to get them all!)
  • Illuminator
  • Surf Spray
  • 12-In-One Miracle Mist
  • Glitter Spray
  • Abyssinian Gold Shine Drops
Stores to purchase It Haircare Products:
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • Dollar General
  • Family Dollar
  • Publix
  • Rite Aid 
 ...And more!
 One Gal Pal will win a Surf Spray here - just follow the entry rules below in the Rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Fun and Some New Hair Products!

This past week brought some interesting activities.  We have been looking for a new place to live because my Dad wants to try to live by himself.  Yes, my dear 84 year old dad, descendant of Captain Kidd the pirate, thinks he can go it on his own. Laughable.  We've been here for about a year now, paying him rent and helping him out wherever we can.  Although he is still mobile and still has a driver's license, we find him doing all kinds of dangerous and crazy things like getting on the roof,  injuring himself, leaving doors wide open to the house, eating himself into a sugar stupor and other such things. He always appreciates the things we do for him, but he thinks he's going to be happier by himself.  Hey, if that is what he wants, that's what we will do.  But not going to settle for just anything.  We have been up and down the I-15 corridor between Payson and Layton and a few places even further than that.  We have seen some interesting homes.  I think I will start taking some pictures as we look for the perfect little place.  But that's not all we've been up to---

We went on a river cruise with my brother and his family. Yes, we cruised down the Provo River on innertubes!  We started up-river close to Vivien Park and ended up about 5 miles down from there.  It was about 91 degrees outside but the water was a frigid 40 degrees.  It felt icy cold, especially as I put my hands into the water to maneuver my tube.  There was a lot of fairly slow moving water, but there were some rapids too.  My innertube seemed to gravitate toward the sides of the river, where there were overhanging branches and rocks. My accident-prone self was the only one that got an injury.  Yep, I got caught by a branch and then I got arm burn from repeatedly trying to paddle away from the shoreline and while doing so, my arm rubbing against the plastic tube.

 I know that by the end of this summer I will be a bruised, scraped, banged-up mess!  But c'est la vie! 

We celebrated my son's 20-something birthday at Tucano's Restaurant, which is a lively Brazilian-style grill. They brought us meats of all kinds to taste as we ate our all-you-can eat salad from the amazing salad bar.  I had sushi, shrimp, and collard greens, among other things, and  I always said yes when they brought around the fillet mignon and garlic beef.  It was delicious! (I swear I'm going off meat next Tuesday....maybe.)  The group of servers came and delivered a birthday treat to the birthday boy and then had him stand up and shake the tambourine while they sang.  I tried to capture it, but this is all I got.  :(  Notice my dad focused only on one thing--the food!
But I digress! With the summer heat and wear and tear on my hair, I need to do something about it.  Too much styling in this desert climate can really do damage.  So I have decided to up the ante with these 3 hair products from IT Haircare found at in the beauty section.  At just $6.99 each, they are a great bargain and they use Abyssinian Oil. This natural oil contains a high percentage of unsaturated C22 fatty acids, but is very stable against heat breakdown and is highly resistant to oxidation.
Abyssinian Oil has a unique molecular structure not found in any other naturally occurring oil.

  • 12-in-One Miracle Mist -This is a multi-task hair treatment that adddresses 12 hair issues.  Just spray it in after washing your hair and style as usual.  
  • Surf Spray  - This is for hair with any kind of natural wave.  It helps to define and texturize my waves if I don't want to fool with straightening.  I just use this wet or dry and put a diffuser on it.
My opinion is that this product works just as well as some high end products I have tried.  In these pictures, I have just washed my hair and put in said products.  Not much styling otherwise.  I loved the Surf Spray and the Illuminator Instant Shine.  They did what they said they would do!  In a few short days I will be offering one of these products for one of my readers, so stay tuned!