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Friday, November 4, 2016

Ways To Have More Gratitude + #Free Gratitude Tee

The CMA Awards was on Wednesday night! It was a pretty good show, although it did have a record low viewership because of the World Series!

Yes, I like me some country music every once in awhile, and apparently Beyonce does too, because she was there and performed with the Dixie Chicks!! Without going into all of the drama there, I wanted to refer to Matthew McConaughey's introduction to Tim McGraw's song of the year - "Humble & Kind". Matthew mentioned that it's good to be a person who is always grateful for the things you enjoy and are blessed with, because people who do that create even more space, which is then filled by more things to be grateful for! I thought that was really profound and I do believe it. The problem is, it's sometimes hard to remember to be grateful when you're running around doing damage control for most of the day.
I have a couple of ways to remember to be grateful. One thing I have is a grateful bench. It's a special bench that I sit on for a few minutes every time I walk my dog. I sit there specifically to think of things that I am grateful for since the last time I went there. And I can tell you sometimes it is so easy, but other times it is difficult, depending on the day or week I've had. But I am always able to stop and think about the things that I have or the good things that have happened--and when I'm done sitting there, I tend to feel happier than when I first sat down.

It also doesn't hurt to have something constantly reminding you to be grateful. I love this gratitude tee for that very reason.  Not only does it have the words emblazoned on the front, but there is a tag on the lower right hem that also has a positive affirmation. It says, "Look, Be, Do Good!" I love it! And especially around this time of year, it's good to be reminded!