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Thursday, June 28, 2012

An ActivewearUSA Review + #Giveaway

"One of these days I'm going to be so fit!"  I've been saying that all my life.  I've always had this ideal image that I've been trying to attain. I've never hit that image in my head, but along the way, I feel like I've gained something even better.  I love to be active and exercise!  Sometimes I run.  No, I don't do marathons, or even 5Ks but I love running with my dog!  Sometimes I bike.  Last Saturday I did 33 miles, which about killed me...but I loved it!  Sometimes I do yoga.  I am pretty limber, if I work up to it.  By the end of a class I can almost touch my head to my knees!   I  like to hike.  I take my dog for walks and hikes in the hills around our town!  The right workout clothing makes exercising that much more enjoyable.  It's great to feel good about what you're wearing! is a place where you can find the exact right sportswear for you, no matter what the activity!  Founded by Avi Woolman, a wife, mom, fitness enthusiast, and entrepreneur, it is their goal to offer the largest selection of quality, high-performance, stylish women's activeewear, footwear, and accessories.  I believe if they haven't done that yet, they are awfully close!  They have a huge selection of everything, including dance pants! You can shop by category, by sport, or by brand!
I randomly looked up Workout Pants and came up with several different types, but there are literally hundreds of choices!

For this review, I was asked 3 questions:  What is your size?  What are your favorite sports activities?  What is your style - crazy, floral, conservative, black?  My answers were:  Size - Medium (8 - 10), Favorite Sports - Yoga, hiking, biking, running,  Style - Floral.  Based on those answers, my Customer Service Rep sent me this gorgeous top!  I was really impressed.  Here are some ways that I can wear it! (Click for a larger view)

I like it because it has lots of support in the top and is flattering in the waist because of the shirred sides.  So I definitely feel comfortable exercising in it and I also feel like I can wear it as a casual top.  Bonus!  Needless to say, I was very impressed with my Customer Service Rep and how she was able to find something for me that I liked. 

To show you that ActivewearUSA has something just for you, one Gal Pal will be receiving a personalized item of choice based on the same 3 questions I was asked above!  So start thinking about your answers and in the meantime, enter the giveaway! a Rafflecopter giveaway