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Monday, May 7, 2018

A Reliable Fashion Photographer And An A-Line Skirt

Today I'm going to discuss the reasons why fashion bloggers need a reliable and skilled photographer ready to take amazing photographs on a moments notice. It will be discussed, along with commentary on this A-Line skirt.

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For a great photography session, one should schedule out at LEAST a week in advance but even then, an in-demand photographer might, without notice, produce a reason to postpone or cancel the session. NBA play-offs, errands, or a need to nap may suddenly overcome any reasonable request for a scheduled session.

I love this spring skirt. I believe my mom used to have one similar to this. It had flowers and had a large A-line flair to it. It made her waist look so tiny. I feel like I'm so much more substantial than she ever was. But I can see why I saw her in it so often. The skirt feels good, it feels feminine and it is quite forgiving!
A photographer needs to be able to find good angles that aren't always straight ahead shots. But in getting those other angles, one must be able to get the whole body in proportion, so that it doesn't look as though you have no legs!

I found a denim jacket that had been languishing in my closet for awhile just because I didn't like the cut when worn with pants or skirts. I thought it might work out well here because it would bring out the subtle blue tones in the skirt.
A good photographer has an eye for the best locations, the best backgrounds, and is able to be creative with those selections, mixing it up and always keeping it interesting. My photographer likes trees and greenery, most of the time. When I told my photographer that a wall might be a nice change, my photographer winced, like there was something in his eye. There wasn't anything in my photographer's eye.

I feel like this kind of skirt would be perfect for an outside luncheon, a wedding, going to church, or a recital! And I love the pockets!!

An excellent fashion photographer should never roll their eyes when the subject of the photos makes suggestions about what might make a good photograph. They should be able to work with said subject and make the subject feel good about themselves, their ideas, and their annoying idiosyncrasies. It's probably in their best interest, because they want to get good references and get paid really well, don't ya know. 

I really liked the shoe that I chose to wear with the skirt, a high heeled gladiator sandal. It's neutral and doesn't clash with the other colors. 
A competent photographer should have their own equipment, ready to adjust to any situation at hand. It's best-practice to have a handy carrying case with the basics and some extra lighting equipment in order to capture that one awesome shot. My photographer had an excellent android phone of which he carried in his back pocket, but trust me it was good. The photo was definitely captured 'cause that's all you had to say was "Capture"!

The material for this skirt is 100% polyester but feels like satin. It is hand wash in cold water or dry clean. To get out wrinkles, a steam iron should be used on the inside of the skirt only.
All in all this was a good photo shoot, and I do know my photographer extremely well, since he's my husband...and heck, the price is certainly right!

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