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Saturday, August 29, 2020

A Red Dress For Fall, Ya'll!

I hope you're having a great weekend before Labor Day Weekend! We don't have much planned but I know I'll be making zucchini bread because that's what I do when I have any extra time! I bought a tiny little plant, no bigger than my little finger, and it turned into a Jurassic Park monster plant! So many zucchinis, so little time. But zucchini bread is one of my all-time favorite treats. 

 It was 90 degrees outside today, yet It's almost at that transitional time, when summer turns into fall and some people say that white is out. I don't necessarily say that, I just feel like the colors turn from being more pastel or neon to the warmer tones. But then there's red. Red is a color you can wear in any season and any occasion. But you do have to feel a bit sassy to even feel like wearing it. 

I own a few red dresses and I recently added this one to my collection! It's really versatile and honestly the price was amazing as well! I'm an Amazon affiliate and you can click through here for red dresses. If you decide to buy, I'll get maybe a few cents, which honestly would make my day just because you appreciated the fact that I helped find you an amazing dress! 

Let me say that this dress is long on me, which I don't mind. I'm 5"4ish and so if you have some height on you, this would be amazing! But I love it at the length it is. It runs true to size, I'm a medium and that's what I'm wearing. 

We always have fun, hubby hubs and I, when we go exploring to find a good place to take a few pictures. He's been really cooperative lately and I'm very appreciative! Sometimes I have to take my own pictures, which can be a pain.  So  I'm enjoying the good luck while it lasts! Do you enjoy wearing red at times? Let me know in the comments!

It doesn't have any zipper or slits. It simply slips on and it's fairly easy to do. It's light, yet not transparent. It ties in the back.