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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Great Hair! An Organic Hair Elixir That Fixes Dry Hair Immediately #ProductReview

I deem myself fortunate to be able to review the hair serum from InLight Beauty and distributed here in the U.S. by 'Hug Your Skin' 

What I loved about InLight Hair Elixir is that first of all, it comes in a high-quality metal pump bottle. It is very easy to apply. It comes out in a controlled amount that you can add to if you want more.

I am amazed at how quickly it works to fix dry hair problems! One moment you have dry hair, that looks and feels like straw (I'm referring to my own hair--incredibly dry) and the next, it's soft and healthy! It absorbs magically into the hair shaft, with virtually no oily residue.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

100% Organic Skincare #Giveaway by 'Hug Your Skin'

'Hug Your Skin' is a company with a mission to deliver the best 100% organic skin care products to you! "The organic way is the only one that protects both planet and the living creatures who live on it." They have chosen Dr. Mariana Speizia, the acclaimed 21st-century beauty alchemist at InLight Organic Skincare, a company in the U.K. as their main supplier. Although fairly new to the U.S., the product
is hugely successful and popular in Europe because there it became certified as the first truly organic product of its kind. It also has been awarded global Cosmos organic certification. The goal is to get the word out so that it will become as beloved here as it is across the pond.

Below is an infographic of exactly what 'Hug Your Skin' does!
 Read my review of the Inlight Under Eye Revive, which contains 100% organic ingredients to calm puffiness and discoloration. I was literally amazed at how well it worked. It kind of shattered in my own mind the myth that natural ingredients aren't as effective as chemical ingredients and, while optimal, they still need the chemicals to render them effective. Silly me! Use discount code Helena15 for 15% off all products!

Another product that tends to be touted more in chemical terms than in natural is the Chocolate Face Mask. Dr. Spiezia says, "I formulated this most intense nourishing mask to transform the appearance of the skin without the action of harsh, chemical peels, which damage the protective mantle of the skin, causing it to secrete extra sebum, making it appear oily and sensitized." 

Also, visit Hug Your Skin to look at the wide selection of 100% organic products, all of which are water-free, so a little goes a long way! They do wonders for your skin, from top to bottom! Free USPS Shipping to all U.S. orders! Use discount code Helena15 for 15% off all products!
A GAL NEEDS...has teamed up with 'Hug Your Skin' to award one winner their choice of 'Inlight Chocolate Face Mask' or 'Inlight Under Eye Revive'. Make sure to enter in the Rafflecopter below and enter daily for more chances to win! Ends 4/26/18!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclaimer: Open to U.S. and Canada!  A GAL NEEDS...received product from this sponsor to facilitate the review of this product. Affiliate links may be present. No Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, nor any other social platforms are involved in any way!
Must be 21 or older to participate, 1 entrant per household, Winner will be contacted by e-mail
after 04/26/18.  Must respond within 48 hours.
After notification, winner will be asked to acknowledge their win by contacting sponsor on Social Media and letting them know of their win.
Entrants with invalid entries will be disqualified.
Sponsor, 'Hug Your Skin', is responsible for delivery of prize package.  

Friday, February 23, 2018

'Hug Your Skin' 100% Organic Skincare! My Review And #DiscountCode

I think I was one of the first people who began to take notice of what was being put into personal care and cleaning products. I had excema and couldn't imagine what could be causing it, and I also felt nauseated when I went down the cleaning isle in the grocery store. I hated the smell of 'Pine Sol'! In 1991, I started using natural cleaning products. It was so nice to be able to use products that had non-toxic ingredients in them. And the same went for make-up, lotions, and cleansers. I quit using the grocery store brands and started using products with more naturally based ingredients, avoiding the potentially harmful, cancer-causing ingredients. My excema cleared up, and although I still have some skin sensitivity, it's so much better now than it was back then. Funny thing, it turns out that one needs to be careful and watchful of their own health because many of the big-name companies are solely concerned with their own profit margin, and if that means putting cheaper, less safe ingredients into their products, they will do just that. The FDA does not regulate like one might think!
This site uses both affiliate and non-affiliate links for reference purpose. I was provided free product to facilitate this review! All thoughts and opinions are my own.
I always have my eyes open for quality skin care products that have as many natural ingredients as possible and produce positive results. Recently, I was very lucky to have discovered a company called 'Hug Your Skin'. The founder is Lucy, who is originally from Prague in the Czech Republic. When her son was born, she, like me, became very concerned with ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products and made it her mission to find companies that make the very best products, with 100% organic ingredients! It was not until she discovered 'InLight Skincare' at an organic trade fair in Germany that she felt satisfied that she had found the very best in organic skincare. 'InLight' was the only company at the entire fair that claimed to be 100% organic, nothing synthetic added. After further study, she became convinced that this was the company she had been searching for. She began distributing their products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. But she had been to America and wanted to make her home here. And so when she relocated, she brought 'InLight' skincare with her. Having already established a relationship with them, it was easier for her to import these products to the U.S. in high volumes and make them available here.