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Thursday, December 10, 2020

White Christmas Friends & Followers $50 PayPal Giveaway

Welcome to the White Christmas $50 PayPal Giveaway! This year has been crazy and I'm not minimizing  it for anyone. I saw the wild fires, I saw the riots, I saw the lost loved ones, I saw the businesses going under, I saw the separation of people from their loved ones, I saw the crazy things happening in the election. Throw in an earthquake for us here in Utah and I'm just done. Am I missing anything? I know I am. Please tell me something that happened to you during 2020 that was just out there. 

For me, in addition to all the craziness, it was my year of injuries. I never really believed the saying "It happens in 3's." But that is exactly what happened. Starting in January of 2020, I injured my knee at work and was unable to work for 2 weeks. Next, it happened again at work with the same knee just buckling under me and putting me at even more risk for another injury. And finally, 22 days ago, another injury---this time with my ankle! It was such a doozie. I thought for sure this would be the one to send me into surgery. But lo and behold, I'm walking and doing better. I'm even wearing boots to church! Without the ankle brace! So happy! I'm definitely going to put behind me those days of taking an injury-free body for granted. I'm going to be so much more mindful of how I place my feet, where I'm walking and be more intentional in my movement. I hope to put injuries behind me in 2021.

I'm thankful for the coming end of this year and honestly that is the reason I'm feeling rather happy and giddy and would love to share my euphoria with you in the form of a giveaway.