Monday, March 22, 2021

Among Us + #MyPostMonday Linky - The Week's Best Original Content

 I was talking to one of the new learning assistants that joined our staff this year, post-pandemic. She is young, unattached to anyone right now, has great goals for her future, and frankly, is one of America's great hopes. I thought we were going to have her around awhile. But today she said, "I'll be leaving after this school year. And actually, you couldn't pay me enough to stick around." It was said in semi-jest, lots of smiles and laughs to go around, and I said, "Good decision, get out while you're young!" Apparently the antics of the middle-school grade level students aren't for her. What I didn't tell her is that these students energize me each and every day! I love being there! But obviously, it isn't for everyone!

One of the games that many in our home room like to play is called "Among Us". Ever heard of it? I finally downloaded it on my phone to see just how to play it. Although I haven't played it more than a couple times, the gist of it is to prowl around a big house and look for the imposters or fake people. They hide in unlikely places. You get lots of points and kudos if you find and terminate an imposter. If you end up killing someone who is a genuine player, not an impersonator, you get docked.

It reminds me somewhat of society today. We have all kinds of people here in our country. Some are the kindest, sweetest people, who wouldn't hurt a fly and then there are the not-so-nice people, the n'er do wells, who would just as soon shank you than have compassion. But they blend in and act the part until something comes along that brings out their true colors.  It's really hard, sometimes, to distinguish who our true friends are vs. the users and abusers. 

 Not too long ago, on March 16th, there was a young man in Atlanta who was mingling among people and deemed normal...until he murdered 8 people. Six were Asian. And now we are awakened to another group of people who are systematically victims of hate crimes and prejudice. I was really saddened to be made aware that these are people that are discriminated against more and more. Did you know that it's rare for an Asian to get admittance to Yale University? They are almost always bypassed because of Affirmative Action. 

Once more, I ask myself how did we get to this place? And then I realize that years ago, there were those who were warning us about our society. 

In 1975, Spencer W. Kimball, then-president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said in an address: "When we see the depravity of numerous people of our own society in their determination to force upon people vulgar presentations, filthy communications, unnatural practices, we wonder, has Satan reached forth with his wicked, evil hand to pull into his forces the people of this earth? Do we not have enough good people left to stamp out the evil which threatens our world? Why do we continue to compromise with evil and why do we continue to tolerate sin?" That was almost 50 years ago.He died in November, 1985. I think he would be appalled at what has since transpired in our nation and world.

Is that what we did, starting back in 1975 or even before? Did we turn a blind eye to the hatred, the filthiness, the moral decay around us? Did we do anything about it? Did we place our support under people who would stand up for right? Or did we tolerate a little bit here, a little bit there?

One of the greatest delayers of evil was Ronald Reagan. His years in Hollywood saved America for awhile. When he was the president of the Screen Actors Guild in Hollywood (1947 - 1952), he was appalled at the abundance of actors, writers, directors, producers and SAG member who had socialist and communist agendas. Their plan was to infiltrate American film and television industries with subtle scenes and plots in the media, designed to decay the moral structure of American society. In this way, they would be able to slowly gain momentum and influence and eventually take over the governance of the American people. Reagan was able to rid Hollywood of many of those prominent and scheming men and women. But it's been many years since he was there and unfortunately, Hollywood has become the center of political and moral influence for much of our population. 

Are there good things that come out of Hollywood? Sure I can think of quite a few great movies. But these days, I really can't think of any one movie that doesn't have at least one portrayal of alternative culture, meaning a culture with anti-Christian beliefs and practices.

And so while there are many among us who are wonderful, friendly, and well-intentioned people, how many among us are blatantly pushing an agenda and philosophy that is contrary to what our country was intended to be--A chosen nation under God, striving to be welcoming to all, discriminating to none, protector of the innocent, ever-improving, ever-growing, ever-learning. 

Maybe, at this late date, all we can do is to teach our own children to be good, be kind, be resilient, be God-loving, be wise, be fearless, and be ever diligent in alerting society of the imposters, the dangerous, the evil among us.

Update: At the time of this writing, at 2:30 p.m. there was another mass shooting in a grocery store, killing 10 people in the city of Boulder, CO

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