Monday, January 25, 2021

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 My husband and I are having some difficulty keeping even a semblance of the good eating habits and body transformations we thought would be in store for us at the start of a new year.  I know, same old trite story, make the resolution--break the resolution. My husband has been saying each month for the past year that this will be the month he'll reach his goals. And each month has fallen flat. I don't know why January 1st would be any different than any of those other months, which is why January 1st really holds no significance for me. I've just been trying to maintain my 5-lb typical winter weight gain and not let it get out of control. It's been tough and I'm at a rough patch because I'm up 7 lbs. from my low this past summer. 

Every day, my husband says to himself, "today I'm going to have a great eating day. I'm going to eat everything correctly, balance my carbs, proteins and fats, and drink plenty of fluids, along with an amazing exercise session which consists of a 1.5 hour weight-lifting session, a 30 mile bike ride, or a 10 mile hike. 

Every single morning he starts out with a bowl of oatmeal, a yogurt bowl, eggs and tortillas, or some variation of a healthy breakfast. He takes his supplements, and downs a morning elixir designed to de-toxify the body. Then lunch comes around and he can't seem to cope with the extreme stress of the morning, which I'm not sure what it consists of because I'm at work, dealing with my own stress. So he caves and he buys take-out and also gets dessert. Then comes the evening, when he absolutely hates himself for what he did at lunch, so he says "I've already blown it, I'll just eat what I want and start again tomorrow." And so along with the dinner that he eats, it will be also be accompanied by a bag of Doritos, a large bag of M & M's, or a Haggen Dazs ice cream. If it's really bad, he'll eat all 3. But somehow, in the doing, he thinks of me. He invariably comes home with a "present" for me, which is, you guessed it, some kind of junk food. And he knows what my weaknesses are. He'll get the exact thing that I can't seem to resist after my own stressful day at work. And you'd think I'd be able to resist and say, no thanks. But I don't. I take the treat and I usually eat it, leaving nothing remaining.

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Today my co-worker got flowers at work from her husband. This is the 2nd bouquet she has received in the past 2 months. I've worked with her for almost 4 years and I've never seen her get so many deliveries before. I think I know the reason why. Unlike the majority of us, who actually gained between 5 - 15+ lbs. over this whole pandemic quarantine thing, she actually lost 25 lbs. She looks amaaazing. I was shocked when I saw her after we finally got back to work. It doesn't hurt that she and her husband own a small martial arts gym, which also has some weight lifting equipment and a personal trainer. Apparently she took advantage of all that during the quarantine.

My guess is that her husband is loving her new figure with her enhanced self-confidence and is trying to get points, because from what she has told me, he has been something of a jerk during their marriage. Now he realizes that he better get himself some quick insurance because she has gained some power in the marriage. I know that a woman's worth is not based on her body, but in this particular marriage, Ms. H has a lot of newly-acquired power in her weight loss. And so I listened to her ooh and ahhh over her 2nd bouquet of flowers in as many months. Of course I congratulated her, told her she was lucky, told her they were beautiful. But when she kept going on and on about it, laughing giddily, calling her husband, giggling at some private joke they were sharing, stepping out of the room leaving the room of kids to me while she conversed, it got to be a little much. I needed it to stop. So I said, "I prefer living plants. They don't die after a week." 

In the past she has wanted me to come to her gym, and work out with her. I've resisted because it has been inconvenient and I haven't been overly-impressed with the gym, since it doesn't have all the latest and greatest equipment like other gyms. But seeing what I've seen, and observing what a bit of will-power and hard work can achieve, I've had second thoughts.  

Ms. H and I just started working out together 3x a week after work at her gym. I can't let any more yesterday's be my tomorrow. And I'm hoping I'll get more than a bag of M&M's for my trouble!😜

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jjmon2012 said...

Sounds like you may have found the answer to help you out with the weight. I am a senior with health problems so after almost a year of staying home 90% of that time. Sugar is my weakness so I try not to bring it in the house. But it is a battle

A GAL NEEDS... said...

@jjmon2012 Well, don't tell anyone, but soon after this post, I re-injured my knee and so I had to forego all of that. I'm back to re-hab and doing the best I can do with what I've got! But it was a nice couple of weeks!