Monday, January 11, 2021

Remmy - The Story Of A New Year's Rescue + #MyPostMonday The Week's Best Original Content

 It was Saturday morning, the day after New Year's Day and Evee, my loyal border-collie, and I headed out on an errand. My sister and her family got Covid over the Christmas holiday and I wanted to leave her a care package at the door. I left the package at the door and was so glad that I'd brought Evee with me because I was itching to go out and try some new trails by their house in Holladay. We set out and found the Mount Olympus Trailhead about 3 miles away. 

Still recovering from a sprained ankle that I got over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was rather dismayed at how the trail started out with steps that were really high and uneven. I wasn't sure how far we were going to be able to go, since I hadn't thought that far ahead, thus hadn't put on my ankle brace or brought any hiking poles. But I wanted to give it a try and told myself I'd be really careful!

Sure enough, the climb was hard---even Evee was struggling a bit since she is just starting to get a hint of the dreaded hip dysplasia that older dogs tend to get. After all, she just turned 12 in December. 

We got as far as where the stairs ended and where the trail turned into a steep upward angle with no stairs, just slippery dirt. I knew that I'd better not risk going any further. So we went to look out over the valley and enjoy the view.

That's when off to my left, I saw a medium-sized dog standing by a huge boulder. "Oh my gosh, I think that's the dog that was on the flyer at the start pf the trail."   The flyer said that Remmy, a rescue dog, had disappeared on New Year's Eve when the fireworks started going off. It also said to not approach her because she would be frightened and would run! 

I looked at her and she looked so frightened and lost, as if she had no trust for anyone. But the look in her eyes said that she wanted to trust someone and she might be willing to trust us, if we did exactly the right thing. I honestly didn't know what the right thing was, since she was a "runner". The only thing we could do at this point was to get down those stairs and give the number on the flyer a call.


We finally got down the stairs and I got the number off the flyer and called. I described what she looked like, and where I'd seen her. Apparently, that was the first call on her since she disappeared on New Year's Eve, and it gave the owners a clue that she was still in the vicinity. 

That night I couldn't get her out of my head. I worried that she might be cold, scared, or even hunted by animals. So I texted Angie, Remmy's new owner, the next day and asked if they had found her yet. No such luck. She was still at large, but someone had spotted her running down the road not far from where I saw her on the trail. 

They had involved animal control and had set some traps because she was so fearful of people. It made me sad knowing that dogs like that have usually been mistreated by the humans in their lives. 

I kept hoping that she would be found, but a day went by, two days, three days....Finally, a week after I had spotted her, Angie contacted me and told me that Remmy had been found and was resting safely at home. She sent me a picture! She looked so exhausted yet relieved! I can't imagine what she had gone through for that week, being hungry, cold, and scared.

Here's another picture of her taken just today!! She looks so happy!

 I'm so glad that Angie didn't give up on the search for Remmy and that it turned out so well. She's got a long road ahead of her in terms of learning to trust and become attached to a new family. But the look in her eyes when I saw her for that brief moment tells me that she's definitely willing to try!

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