Friday, January 22, 2021

5 Ways That Natural Living Will Improve Your Life

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In 1992, I threw away all household products containing harmful chemicals in my home. I started using natural laundry soap, bath soaps, shampoos, cleaners, toothpaste, and most of my make-up. I feel like that small but intentional change made a huge difference in my life. Now, almost 30 years later, I’m so glad I made that small investment of changing out chemically laden products with safe, natural products. Back then, when I attempted to share my thoughts with people I met along the way, it was met with mild to strong resistance except for a few cases. Now, millions of people are on board with wanting to adopt a more natural way of living. Sadly, the vast majority never take control of the situation. While there are many contributing factors behind this, the key aspect in most cases stems from a lack of incentive.

The knowledge that it helps the environment and sets a good example to others can help drive you on. In truth, though, it’s the personal rewards that will truly motivate you. Focus on the five points below and you won’t go far wrong.


Better Appearance

People really do judge on the basis of appearance. For most people, the prospect of unlocking a better appearance will provide a huge source of motivation. The use of natural products and tactics to promote youthful-looking skin, for example, will deliver big results. After all, the chemicals in other beauty products can harm your long-term look even if they provide immediate rewards. The natural lifestyle will also aid your looks, not least because you’ll smile more. I know that because of my lifestyle choices long ago, my appearance is one of a much younger person. It can even confuse some people as to how to relate to me. They question whether to treat me the age that I look or the actual age that I am. I prefer to not disclose my age until after they have known me for awhile. They have then already established how they relate to me and so usually don’t re-invent something new. 


Improved Physical Health

Given that your natural appearance is often a reflection of your health, it is no surprise to learn that physical benefits are on the table too. The right nutrition promotes better digestive health as well as general well-being from the inside. Visit to see how natural juices can put you on the path to getting the nutrients your body craves. It can be supported by a more active lifestyle gained through light exercise, such as treks and cycling. The results are phenomenal.



Increased Mental Health

Physical wellness and mental wellness are very closely linked. Looking and feeling good will naturally put you in a better frame of mind. Meanwhile, the simple steps like increased exercise will actively reduce stress-busting hormones. Most people find that adopting a better lifestyle also enhances their quality of sleep. This helps to control cortisol production. The simple joys of spending more time in the relaxed environment of the backyard is another possible benefit.


Optimized Financial Efficiency 

While a natural lifestyle will make you realize that money isn’t everything, the fact is that it should aid financial health. Green upgrades around the home range from LED lights to efficient appliances and smarter habits. They can protect the planet and reduce your monthly bills. Visit to learn more about selling solar energy back to the grid, and you can make an even bigger impact. Also, driving an eco-friendly car is a huge way to get the best financial impact for your efforts!


Bolstered Self-Confidence

There’s nothing quite like feeling confident in life. The indirect benefits of all the issues above will impact your natural levels of self-confidence. Furthermore, the knowledge that you’ve made the best decisions for yourself, your family, and the planet helps too. The fact that people will congratulate you and ask for advice will underline the reasons to feel assured in yourself. In truth, it’s one of the best rewards on offer, not least because it continues to grow over time. Perfect.

Embracing natural products and lifestyle choices can transform your life forever. Now is the time to make it happen. I love to use the quote, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.” It's important to start your journey of natural living today!

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jjmon2012 said...

A lot of people have gone the way you have. I cannot get all the way there but I am trying. I have selected items that I always buy. Also I am using essential oils for cleaning. Some day I might get therr

A GAL NEEDS... said...

@jjmon2012 It sounds like you are doing a great job! Just do a little bit at a time!