Monday, August 17, 2020

When Life Revolves Around Food + #MyPostMonday - Sharing The Week's Best Original Content

 There are several times in a year that my quest for healthy eating and improved physical fitness are in the utmost danger. Those times are the trifecta holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas) because they are all so close together and all of them involve food. Then later on in the Spring there is Easter because those Cadbury Eggs are simply irresistible! And finally in mid to late summer comes the zucchini harvest, at which time I make a whole lotta zucchini bread. It is mandatory that we grow one plant per season. That is when we give to neighbors, friends, relatives, and of course, we eat it as well. I love it with chocolate chips. I can't deny it, I plan on this like I plan on any other event in life when it revolves around food!


Just when I recover from one holiday and get the pounds under control, here comes the next holiday or event. It's a never-ending carousal that I don't care to get off any time soon. I've resigned myself to being an average height, average weight American woman, by American Standards, certainly not European and most definitely not Parisian standards. 

And rather than hate myself for enjoying the bountiful plenty that I have been afforded, I am so thankful for the food that I am so fortunate to enjoy. It's one of the greatest pleasures in life to taste a great desert or food that you love. 

But other than those several times in the year, I do try and eat well. I am very careful about not eating too much sugar and I never drink soft drinks or straight candy or even pastries. I think that if you can be reasonably good most of the time, you can afford to cheat some of the time. I won't ever be thin, but I will definitely be happy!!!

What is your relationship with food? Do you have a love/hate relationship or do you struggle with any aspect of food? What is your food philosophy?

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jjmon2012 said...

I don't know what my relationship with food is!!!!

Senior here so I am just cooking for 1 and not for a lot of leftovers. I will go to store and thinking I want hamburger I will pick up and look at and I don't want this so I put it back down. There is never the same when I go to the store. I love salad I will buy and never eat or I will eat it all in a couple of days.

I do know that I am off sweets but ever so often I have to buy something. :-)

Kari Lorraine said...

I feel like my relationship to food is very similar to yours.

A GAL NEEDS... said...

@Kari, It is a very friendly one then, I take it!
@jjmon2012 It sounds as if you are going the healthy route! Good for you!

Antoinette M said...

I try to limit take out food, but I do like a juicy hamburger & fries and pizza!