Thursday, June 18, 2020

Find Sleep Relief With Sleep Cube! Review and Discount Code!

The struggle is real……to get a good night’s sleep, that is! For years, I was the one who could always count on getting enough sleep. I could sleep 12 hours a day if allowed. I wasn’t very empathetic to others who weren’t as fortunate with their sleeping patterns. Sure, there were the few sleepless  instances when I was fraught with worry over something, if I was looking forward to an activity that was going to be really fun, or if I had to do something the next day that was really stressful.  But those seemed to be few and far in between.

However, it finally caught up. This past year has been terrible for sleep. It has been such a struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep, and get up rested and ready to go through the day. As I lay in bed, tossing and turning at 2am, my mind and body are not in agreement as to what I am supposed to be doing! My mind wants sleep and my body says no! I came to the realization that this is what people were talking about about when they spoke of insomnia. It's definitely NOT a fun gig.

I believe in the occasional sleep aid, but I don’t want to get dependent on anything whatsoever, but once in awhile I would allow myself to take something a little stronger than Tylenol PM.When I did give myself that allowance, I found that I would pay for it later. I'd get a headache, or I'd be extra groggy and lethargic.

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What I did do, was to start collecting pillows. There were firm pillows, soft pillows, memory foam pillows, ridged pillows, small pillows and large pillows. They are all double cased and they all rest on my bed, but no more than 7 at a time. ('cause that would be hoarding after that!) The idea is that if I could arrange all the pillows around me in the perfect way, I would be so well supported and so comfortable that once I fell asleep, I would stay asleep and not wake up until morning. It worked (Once in a blue moon)! In the meantime, I could always use the pillows when I was awake and reading in bed. They certainly make good tablet props, elbow props, upright head position props, and so on.

The drawback to these pillows is that most of the time, they never kept their supportive position. More often than not, I’d wake up with my chin jammed down almost to my chest, or my formerly supine position becoming more like a painfully twisted prone position, with my face smashed either on my arm or in the pillow and my neck at a crazy angle. But I kept trying with the pillows because SOMETIMES  it all worked out .

Just a couple weeks ago, I started sleeping with something called a Pillow Cube, a 12-inch cube of sleeping zen!  It has been a life-changer! It keeps its shape wonderfully all night long, which is the shape centered around the dimensions of my head and neck. I’ve been sleeping great! This pillow allows me to sleep on my side, keeping the integrity of my neck position and shoulder position. If I sleep on my back, same thing. It gives me support in the head and neck area and I don't have to feel scrunched forward with my neck jammed, and my chin jutting downwards toward my chest. It retains a perfectly comfortable position all night long.

The Pillow Cube is made from high rebound bamboo foam. The bamboo material is anti-microbial so it keeps germs at a minimum. It has a breathable soft cover that lets air out so you won't get overheated at any time. And it also has a silky soft pillow case that fits the pillow perfectly! Both the cover and the case are easily removable for washing!

EXCITING NEWS! Pillow Cube has finished developing their new Pillow Cube Pro, a 28" version of the baby 12" version (which I have, and love!) They will be ready to ship in July. However, if you pre-order in June, you'll receive a 15% discount on the Pillow Cube Pro.

And if you also use my discount code, GALNEEDS10, you'll get an additional 10% off, giving a total of 25% on the order! Now that's a discount deal that I can sink my head into!

I'm just thinking how amazing the 28" Pillow Cube Pro will be! I plan on ordering one for sure! I will then switch out 12" Cube to be used as my napping pillow, my travel pillow, my camping pillow, and my yoga cushion! So many uses for that little guy! It's already proven itself worthy of my utmost loyalty.

I really think I'm ready to get rid of a few of those extra pillows in favor of my awesome Pillow Cubes!


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