Monday, June 8, 2020

A New Narrative + #MyPostMonday Linky

Some people never change, and then some do! It's funny how some people I haven't seen in many years will reappear and somehow they are different than when I knew them back in the day.

For instance, one of my high school friends whom I knew quite well was so boy crazy! Everything she did was done to impress and snag a boy! I used to think, "Girl, get a grip. There is more to life than just boys!" Needless to say she met someone right out of high school, her prince charming, and got married. Unfortunately, it ended in divorce.

To know her now is to see her minus the boy crazy, self-absorbed personality she once had. Now, she is all about her children, her grandchildren and about making a better world around her. She is absolutely wonderful to be around. My thoughts about her are that she has really changed and has caught hold of the important things in life. I know she will again find love because she is a beautiful person. But it isn't the all-consuming passion of her life that it once was. She has broadened her scope.

Have I changed too? How have my experiences changed and shaped me? Do former acquaintances see a gentler, more compassionate person or do they see the same impulsive, crazy, moody person I once was?

Life is all about growth and change. Yet we sometimes struggle to let other people grow too. For some reason we hold fast to our first impressions of them. It's like we have written their life stories in permanent ink. It could be our way of simplifying our complex world. Can't someone who was careless and conceited in the past have her heart softened and humbled now, in the present? Can someone who was wild and wayward now be mature and straighten out his life? We had better hope the answer is yes! We all have something to change. If we want others to allow us the courtesy of growth and change, we must allow them to do the same.

When you meet someone you haven't seen in awhile or even someone you see everyday, open your heart to a new narrative or a memory in the making. Allow others and yourself to be the people they were meant to become, because some people never change, but some do!

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