Tuesday, May 5, 2020

3 Resources That Everyone Has + #MyPostMonday Linky

As I was browsing around the internet last week, I happened upon an idea that resonated with me. Something that held promise to help me with a problem I have. 

The problem is this: I find that when the warm weather comes, I start getting really motivated. After the long, dark winter, I have a bijillion things on my To-Do List, all vying for the top spot. And I WANT to do all of them. I make a valiant attempt to accomplish everything. But alas, my day doesn't leave me room for it all. It has always been a rather discouraging prospect. I feel like a hamster in the perpetually turning hamster wheel. And then, I hit bottom. The feeling of failure is so intense. 

But I'm the type of person that doesn't like complicated plans and life changes in order to achieve a goal. My life is complicated enough without adding more. But the following idea made me stop and think.

The idea is that everyone has 3 resources at the beginning of each day. No matter who we are, we are given an allotment of time, a certain amount of energy, and an opportunity to focus that time and energy. Everyone has a different amount of each resource. Someone may have much more time than energy, another may have more focus and less time. Someone else has focus to spare, but less time and energy. But no matter which way those three resources are divided, there is a way to get exactly what you want, if you want it badly enough. 

One of the nice things about staying home was that I was able to focus on what my priorities outside of work are. When I'm working, a good portion of my daily time, energy and focus are dedicated to my job. When I get home, I have a limited amount of those resources left. It's up to me how I utilize the remainder of them. 

An exercise to do is to figure out how much time I have left after work. Next, I need to realistically assess how much energy I have left for the rest of the day. This is where it gets interesting. Some days I have more energy and some days I have less, depending upon what happened at work, how much sleep I got the night before, etc. But the real key is deciding where my focus should be. I really need to prioritize my priorities so that I can match them to my time and energy. It may mean that I'll have to cut out a couple of things each day in order to have energy for the things that are deserving of my top focus. When I have a  clear-cut and realistic vision of my time, energy and focus, then I can really move forward! I think that Mr. Noel DeJesus really has a great idea here, and I'd like to learn more about it!  
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Thank you so much for the feature! Love your other picks too.

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Thanks so much, Pamela!!!