Monday, December 2, 2019

As Long As We Can + #MyPostMonday The Week's Best Original Content

When the notion of labeling people by their social tendencies of either loving to be around people or avoiding them like the plague became a hot topic, I started to analyze some of my own tendencies. Was I an introvert or an extrovert? It's not that I don't like people, but when I'm dealing with my seasonal depression, I don't naturally tend to like being around people. It's exhausting. Ask my husband, if I'm really overwhelmed, all I want is to be alone and try and recover in my own way. On the other hand, when I'm not depressed (usually in the warm weather, post daylight savings time) I love to get out and be with people. As a result I captioned the phrase "reclusive extrovert" to describe myself.

My husband is the total opposite of me. He always craves social interaction and will strike up conversations with complete strangers just for the sake of socializing and finding common ground. Once I got a sunburn on top of a peak we had hiked together because he wanted to converse with another couple who had summited at the same time. The sun was blazing, I had left my sunscreen below to lighten my load when making summit, and there we were for 45 minutes blissfully, in his mind, talking to like-minded individuals, when all I wanted to do was get the heck off the peak and get some sunscreen!

I do realize how important it is to be people-oriented. It is so essential to love people and to find real connections and learn from their experiences and, in turn, share yours. There are many more similarities than differences among people. You just need to find them. And that takes discussion and time. I think one of the reasons why travel is so invigorating for lots of people are the possible connections one can make with people who may have different life experiences and customs. Maybe they don't even speak the same language! But given the chance, what amazing things can you learn from someone like that?

One of the best ways I've seen to meet awesome new people is to volunteer! I did that recently when I volunteered for a project serving children in need. We got together and were given assignments. I sat at a table where we were making quilts. I didn't know anyone at the table, but by the end of the project, I had made 2 new and fascinating friends and we had so much in common! It was one of the most fun days ever!

I highly recommend going out of your comfort zone once in awhile and meeting new people. It's an awesome, life-enriching experience!

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