Monday, April 1, 2019

Resurgence of Spring + #MyPostMonday The Week's Best Original Content

Our weather has turned from cold and snowy all the time, to cold and snowy half the time and springlike the other half. No wonder I'm in a tizzy with my moods, and my plans.  I'm always caught by surprise! Even the most weathered weather person can be off by a day or two. So although they can forecast a general weather pattern with general certainty, they can't always get the timetable absolutely correct!

And even if it's pretty and sunny where I live on any given day, go just 10 miles up Alta Canyon and you've got a whole different scenario. Like the picture below, winter is still in full force in the mountains. 

But I wouldn't have it any other way. I love winter because it serves my introvert self quite well. I mean, what can you really do after work in the winter, except curl up in a blanket, dog on lap, hot chocolate on side table and read, binge on shows, or do games on your tab and take sweet, sweet naps? After all, with no kids at home, and not even a sign of a grandchild, my dog, dad, and dearest get all the attention they want from me, leaving me with some extra time on my hands.

With spring coming, I will definitely be out more--working in the yard, going on longer walks with the dog, rather than just around the block, traveling (albeit just locally, because I won't leave my dad by himself), biking, hiking, and even doing housework. (What's that smell? I'll definitely have to investigate that...)

This is kind of a farewell to the long, active winter that is going away and giving way to spring thaw. For some it can't leave fast enough. For me, I'm a little sad to see it go! 

But spring in Utah is absolutely beautiful and so I relish the longer days, the birds singing (or squawking if you've got the bad luck of magpies), and the trees and flowers popping color everywhere! Not only that but I fully expect my energy to regenerate and my excitement for adventure to return! Bring it on!

What are your thoughts on the changing of winter to spring?
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Tamra Phelps said...

Toward the end of Winter, I get a little stir crazy, lol. Then, I start dreaming of Spring!

elizamatt said...

I'm actually more of a summer person, perhaps one reason being that we have deep freezes here in the Prairies during winter. We get lots of snow, the first dose usually in Sept and since we had a rotten summer this year I am definitely not looking forward to the coming winter. I guess we can always hope for an Indian Summer, fingers crossed.

A GAL NEEDS... said...

Tamra - Lol, not getting out at all does cause one to go a little bit crazy for sure! My job gets me out all I want to be in the winter. Then I love to come home and snuggle in, when possible!

elizamatt - does sound frigid. ESPECIALLY if you don't have a proper summer. I hope you get a wonderful indian summer this year as well! Also crossing fingers!

elizamatt said...

I'm afraid there was no Indian summer for us this year, my patio turned green due to all the rain we had during the summer months. We've had our first snow, luckily we didn't get very much but my daughter in Calgary sure did.

elizamatt said...

Well there was no Indian summer for us, we practically skipped summer altogether and winter came quickly and with below normal temperatures for November too. Roll on December when I fly away for 4 months :-)