Saturday, September 15, 2018

A Hair Update at Amber René Salon & Spa

I finally got my hair cut, after promising my husband I'd do it at some point in the future. He had started asking me to think about cutting my hair shorter. "It's time...." "You would look so good with short hair!" "I can just picture you with your hair at this length...." (shows me with his hands at chin length) I told him that one day I would walk in and surprise him because my hair would be short. 

That day came at the first part of August. I was past due for my 6 week trim and was really sick of my hair. Plus, it was hot!! So I walked into my local hair cutting franchise, where you don't schedule an appointment, and get who you get. I told the stylist to cut some length off and make it more layered. Well, she went to town on the length, but left much to be desired with the layering. I went home devastated but self-righteous. "Well, I got my hair cut, hope you're happy!" was my attitude as I showed off my piece of work to my husband. 

A few weeks went by and I kept meaning to go get it styled at a "real" salon, where you actually meet your stylist and can come back if you like her. I finally made an appointment at a salon that I'd heard great things about, and had great reviews--Amber René Salon & Spa. 

Here's what happened, long story short! I went in with this:
And came out with this, thanks to Katelyn at Amber René!

This is me after a long day at work and not having time to do my hair to attend a concert.
So although I said good-bye to this,
I feel like I will really like this new shorter and sleeker style for now. I like the fact that I can always grow it out at some point! It feels sleeker, edgier, and it is so much easier. 

I really liked the atmosphere of the Salon, where it was bustling for sure, yet had a very relaxed and casual atmosphere. I loved my stylist, Katelyn, and I even met the owner and Salon Coordinator, Amber and Kaycee! They were so kind and posed for a shot!

I was given a free service in exchange for this honest opinion of my experience!

 I learned from this experience that a good haircut needs to be done by an experienced stylist and those stylists usually are found in a reputable salon such as Amber René Salon & Spa.

Of course, I live in Utah, so if you live somewhere else, make sure you get references and read the reviews to find a great salon. But if you live in my neck of the woods, I'd love to recommend Amber René Salon & Spa. If you are booking for the first time, you get 30% off your service! Make sure you mention that Helena, from A GAL NEEDS...sent you!

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