Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Chocolate Dipped Fruits by Edible Arrangements

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 It's the peak of summer and the fruits are all at full maturation! Check out our overflowing nectarine tree--it's so full that we are resorting to holding up the branches with rakes and shovels, anything we can get our hands on to prevent the branches from breaking under the weight of the fruit! 


And I have such fond memories of growing up in the San Joaquin Valley in sunny California. During the peak fruit season, I was able to eat my fill of apples, apricots, berries, strawberries and so much more! It was all for free, since it either grew at my grandma's home or in my own backyard, 5 short blocks away! Those were the days!

And with all of that fruit ready to harvest, there are so many ways one can use it! 'Edible Arrangements', a company that makes beautiful fruit bouquets and other creations, is fully aware of all that bounty right now. They are celebrating 'National Dipped Fruit Month' in a big way! Through August 31st you can get any size of Chocolate Dipped Mixed Fruit Box for 50% off! That's starting at $9.50! Order online, call or visit your local store to take advantage of these steals!

This is a special I can certainly get behind because, as my profile accurately states, I love chocolate! I can't help it! I've tried so many tempting and luscious flavors, but I can't seem to get around chocolate. I always go back to chocolate. It's my lifelong temptation.

When I received my box of 12 dipped chocolate fruits, I was really impressed! The fruit was so tasty and the dipped chocolate was delicious! It made my day sparkle and I felt so spoiled!

The box contained 4 dipped apples, 4 dipped bananas, and 4 dipped strawberries! So much fruit, so little time! But don't worry, I managed to take care of it all before it went to waste and I even shared one with my husband. (Am I sweet or what? ...Must be because of all the dipped fruit I ate!)  Summer bouquets are the sweetest! 

Visit your locally owned and operated Edible Arrangements to cool off with a creation of your choice (they even have smoothies)! Send a sweet summer surprise to say thanks, or congrats!  What fruit would you love to eat dipped in chocolate?
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