Monday, April 16, 2018

Who Would I Be If I Stayed? + #MyPostMonday The Week's Best Original Content

I go to work from 9 - 2 everyday to play---play with the most joyous, alive, innocent, mischievous, honest, and savage individuals ever. They are a group of  12 - 14 Middle School Mild/Moderate Special Education students. They belie the title of Special Ed. With totally normal appearance, gestures, clothing, and interests, they transcend any labels people may put on them. They come to school and continue the transition from child to eventual adult. They won't stay this way, but while they are in this stage, I'm so lucky to be able to "play" with them, all in the name of work! They are not quite out of childhood, yet halfway into adulthood. It's so funny to see them act like they are the most knowledgable of experts on any given subject, but then one minute later do something hilariously childish. 

This stage of life only lasts but a year or two. Some people say that it is the hardest stage to raise, as a parent. And I'd have to agree. But I'm not a parent. I'm an educator! I get to take them as they are, make helpful suggestions, even dole out consequences. But mostly, I support them in their hopes, their dreams, their likes and dislikes. I suggest other options. I suggest alternative ways to look at things. I even play devil's advocate. Of course, ultimately, my peers and I let them decide what they are going to do. Some of them will end up being successful and holding down a job and raising a family. Some of them, unfortunately, will not be so lucky. Some of them may even end up homeless. That breaks my heart, because I know they are trying so hard to make a success out of life. And they have so much energy and optimism. 

That same energy and optimism make the most enthusiastic and well-meaning of adults tired. That's why after 5 hours, I am done playing, relieved to leave and do my other jobs consisting of wife, mom, pet-owner, errand-runner, home maintenance worker, gardener, blogger, and elderly care-giver. 
Image - Celeste Camomile
 The end of the school year is fast approaching and I think of the oldest students in our class. They will be moving on to high school, leaving this stage of their lives behind. I realize that although I have developed a fondness and special bond with them, I may never see some of them again. It reminds me of the exchange between Wonder Woman and her mother, Hypolyta. Hypolyta says, "You know that if you choose to leave, you may never return." Wonder Woman replies, "But who would I be if I stay?" 

So it is with my friends. Their journey needs to continue. They can't stay. And I may not know where that journey eventually leads them. But I'll know that when our paths met, we laughed, smiled, played, and learned. And they gave richness to my life, without even knowing they did.
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Tamra Phelps said...

It can be difficult to leave a place or even a point of view. But, I guess Wonder Woman was right. Ultimately, we leave because we think that's the necessary step for us.