Tuesday, April 3, 2018

What Lies Within + #MyPostMonday The Week's Best Original Content

I'm finally seeing spring flowers pushing their way out of the barren winter soil. It is so heartening and encouraging to see that! Here they are, after being dead all winter long, or at least looking like it, laying dormant in the ground. And lo, and behold, here they come, all fancy and frilly, looking like nothing could ever fade them. But, these earliest blooms will be gone before a few weeks are past. That's OK, I don't think any flower is any more welcomed than the earliest spring crocuses. Just something about them...

And here I am, here after yet another winter. I'm sure it beat me down and I am showing a few more signs of wear and tear, if only subtly. But that's OK, I'm tough and I've seen a lot of things. You know what is amazing? Every time something beat me down, I just got back up and dusted myself off. I was told I was a "Saturday's Warrior". I didn't even know what that even meant, except that Saturday is the 7th day of the week, according to the Gregorian Calendar. So does that mean I'm the last before the end? End of what? And warrior? Where is my training? I know that I need to take self-defense at some point, although if some predator were to accost me on my walks, they would be surprised. I carry a taser, excuse me, I was told it's a stun gun! Shhhh.....Whatever....it felt very empowering at the time. But years have gone by since I was told I'm a Saturday's Warrior. Are we still on Saturday? 

I feel like these little spring flowers are warriors of a sort. They fight to be able to be the first to come back each year and herald the appearance of a glorious spring! What an amazing and important job they have! And you know what? They do it really well! 

I'm going to take a lesson and do the job that I feel I need to do. Come back every time I am down, and stand up and be as beautiful, bold, and joyous as God intended and wants me to be! Because I am heralding something too. The end of one stage in my life, and the beginning of something new!!! 

 Today is "My Post Monday!", a curation of the week's best original content. It's all about posts from Crafts to Camping, Wellness to Wealth, Fashion to Food, and whatever else is on the brain!  I  open up with a post of my own and then follow it up with a linky of the week's top original blog posts! It's all about what the writer thinks, believes, and knows--in other words, they are active, writing blogs. If I happen to find a great original, non-sponsored post, I'll link it up and share it with you here and on Twitter via the #MyPostMonday hashtag!  I can miss some amazing posts, but I don't want to!  So, in addition, if you'd like to link up yourself, you can do that too!  I'll visit your site, comment, promote and publicize! (Affiliate links welcome!)     

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