Monday, March 19, 2018

Status Quos Are Meant To Be Broken + #MyPostMonday The Week's Best Original Content

What kind of person are you? Are you someone who tends to think outside of the box, or someone who feels better blending in and not rocking the boat too much? In today's culture of calling someone out for being even a little different, emboldened behind the anonymity of made-up screen names, I would say that we like to blend in more than stand out. We tend to go with the status quo--unless we are the one popping off behind the laptop with the fake screen name.

I have to say that I admire those who are earnestly interested in following where their journey of logic and intelligent inquiry takes them and who, then, openly follow their truth as they know it. Everyone is on a journey! To say that someone is this label or that label is not fair to that person or to time in general. It's like saying that everything is stagnant and finished--never moving back or progressing forward.

I admire the person, who having been told that things need to be a certain way their whole life, continue to question and ask intelligent, fair, and thought-provoking questions that bring them to their own understanding, which may be slightly or even radically different than what they've been taught in the past. Their motivation isn't to be oppositional or rebellious, but just to conduct a sincere, curious, often painful search for truth.

Then, on top of that, they are brave enough, and intelligent enough to verbalize why they have chosen the way they have. It doesn't mean they are finished with their journey, it doesn't mean they disavow everything they have learned from the past. It simply means they are continuing on with their lifelong search for meaning. 

I like being around these kind of people. I like open-minded, and honest conversations. I like non-judgmental, heart-felt, listening as well as conversing, exchanges. To me, this kind of person is truly a fascinating individual. But that kind of person is indeed a rarity, and hard to find!
Today is "My Post Monday!", a curation of the week's best original content. It's all about posts from Crafts to Camping, Wellness to Wealth, Fashion to Food, and whatever else is on the brain!  I  open up with a post of my own and then follow it up with a linky of the week's top original blog posts! It's all about what the writer thinks, believes, and knows--in other words, they are active, writing blogs. If I happen to find a great original, non-sponsored post, I'll link it up and share it with you here and on Twitter via the #MyPostMonday hashtag!  I can miss some amazing posts, but I don't want to!  So, in addition, if you'd like to link up yourself, you can do that too!  I'll visit your site, comment, promote and publicize! (Affiliate links welcome!)     

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Tamra Phelps said...

I'd say I tend to be cautious, at least at first, like an observer. Still, if I feel things need to be a little shaken up, I'll do it, lol.