Monday, February 26, 2018

Joy In Any Life Circumstance + #MyPostMonday The Week's Best Original Content

Today was another day at work and this morning I walked in feeling kind of groggy for some reason, OK I know the reason. I ate too many oatmeal cookies the night before. It was a cookie hangover! My husband loves them and so do I. He likes them without chocolate chips, I like them with. So I acquiesced to his request and made a batch at around 9 p.m. last night and of course, my will power is terrible at that time of the evening. I succumbed and I ate dough, cookies and, also, milk has to be involved. I generally made a mess of my eating for the day. But it was so good!! Next time he asks me, which will be next Sunday, I will not comply. I kind of do an alternating routine with the baked goods, otherwise we'll be in poor shape when hiking season comes around. He'll need to wait until the Sunday after next before I will bake again. Wow, you just got a peek into a very mundane routine of our lives. It's just what we do. However, we enjoy it! 
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We live a very comfortable, predictable, generally unexciting kind of life, most of the time. I go to my job, then run errands, maybe go to the gym if I'm up to it, and come home ready to do a little blogging--2 - 5 hours worth. As the evening stretches on, he sits by my side, at his desk, doing his thing. We turn on some music that both of us can tolerate, which sometimes is the Nora Jones Station on Amazon, or my awesome playlist. After awhile, he'll get up, turn off his lamp, say good-night, and head upstairs to bed. I will look at the clock and realize it's way later than I thought. Not enjoying being by myself so late, I'll hastily finish up whatever I am doing and head up too. 

It wasn't always like this. We had a more exciting life 10 - 17 years ago. We went out and traveled way more than we do now. But we were also working through a lot of issues from each of our 1st marriages. Sometimes the issues we were working through didn't mesh well and it wasn't a comfortable space. Trust was a huge issue. Also feelings of betrayal would seep into our own relationship. Many nights I'd leave for a few hours and just sit in the car, not wanting to return. Sometimes I left for weeks, once even a month. However, I'd always return and we'd talk things out and things would go better, until next time. I'm really glad that those days are gone. But even during those more tumultuous times, I knew it was important to find happiness in the things I was capable of appreciating.
I'm happy to say that I was able to do that. Sometimes sleep was the only thing I could appreciate (I'm a huge fan) but then there were other things too, like my boys, music, hobbies, walking my dog, riding my bike, and dancing. I believe the one thing that some people say is intangible or not even real, was something that shaped my whole outlook. It was my belief that God was looking over me and that there must be a purpose in the things I was going through, even the things I had already gone through in my life. (See past blog posts) I never lost faith in that. And so, even though my circumstances were not the most ideal at times, my focus was, and still is, on my faith and the conviction that there is a God in Heaven who knows all, and who has given us so many opportunities to learn, grow, and become who we were meant to be! Maybe not now, but eventually! And that makes me happy!
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