Friday, February 23, 2018

'Hug Your Skin' 100% Organic Skincare! My Review And #DiscountCode

I think I was one of the first people who began to take notice of what was being put into personal care and cleaning products. I had excema and couldn't imagine what could be causing it, and I also felt nauseated when I went down the cleaning isle in the grocery store. I hated the smell of 'Pine Sol'! In 1991, I started using natural cleaning products. It was so nice to be able to use products that had non-toxic ingredients in them. And the same went for make-up, lotions, and cleansers. I quit using the grocery store brands and started using products with more naturally based ingredients, avoiding the potentially harmful, cancer-causing ingredients. My excema cleared up, and although I still have some skin sensitivity, it's so much better now than it was back then. Funny thing, it turns out that one needs to be careful and watchful of their own health because many of the big-name companies are solely concerned with their own profit margin, and if that means putting cheaper, less safe ingredients into their products, they will do just that. The FDA does not regulate like one might think!
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I always have my eyes open for quality skin care products that have as many natural ingredients as possible and produce positive results. Recently, I was very lucky to have discovered a company called 'Hug Your Skin'. The founder is Lucy, who is originally from Prague in the Czech Republic. When her son was born, she, like me, became very concerned with ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products and made it her mission to find companies that make the very best products, with 100% organic ingredients! It was not until she discovered 'InLight Skincare' at an organic trade fair in Germany that she felt satisfied that she had found the very best in organic skincare. 'InLight' was the only company at the entire fair that claimed to be 100% organic, nothing synthetic added. After further study, she became convinced that this was the company she had been searching for. She began distributing their products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. But she had been to America and wanted to make her home here. And so when she relocated, she brought 'InLight' skincare with her. Having already established a relationship with them, it was easier for her to import these products to the U.S. in high volumes and make them available here. 

I've been lucky enough to use one of the 'InLight' products and I must say, I was very impressed, to say the least. I have been looking at different eye treatments for natural treatment of dark circles and puffiness. I'd been very lucky up until recently to not have to deal with that. But it finally caught up with me and I was not happy! I don't like getting up in the morning and seeing a puffy, dark mess around the eye area. When I started trying the 'InLight Under Eye Treatment', I thought that it might take at least a few weeks to notice results, if at all. I was amazed at how quickly results came! Within a week, I noticed a definite improvement in any puffiness or discoloration. There really is something to this! 

For beautiful eyes, of course you want to minimize puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles. If you can do that, you've got something to work with! And you want to do it naturally, if possible!

I have products sitting on my bathroom shelf that have been there for a year or more! They just don't excite me. But there they sit, waiting for me to use them. They don't have an expiration date. Because all the ingredients of 'InLight' are 100% organic, there IS a shelf life, which is between 6 - 9 months. I'm so happy with the results, though, that I won't be leaving them on the shelf collecting dust!
I haven't specifically taken before and after pics of when I first started using 'InLight Under Eye Treatment' from 'Hug Your Skin'. But below is a picture from a year ago and one of me since trying the Under Eye Treatment. Both are unfiltered and untouched. I think I can see a definite improvement around the eye area! I know I do in real life! I was amazed at the feeling of energy going in and then radiating out after applying the 'Inlight Under Eye Treatment'! I saw real and lasting results after about a week and a half. My discoloration has been greatly reduced and the puffiness is virtually gone! I'm back to where I was 10 years ago!

I invite you to try this amazing product or any of the many products 'Hug Your Skin' has made available to us! You can get 15% off if you use the discount code, HELENA15!

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